Saturday, August 11, 2012

UPDATED: Banker Crushed A LASTMA Official, New Report Says Danfo Driver Did it


On Friday, August 10 2012, Mother of 3 and Stanbic IBTC Bank Employee, Yinka Johnson was driving along the Lekki Expressway. She was stopped by a member of the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency (LASTMA) who accused her of infringing traffic rules… See Earlier Report Here

At this point, two versions of the story appear. According to LASTMA, Yinka killed one of their staff,Hammed Balogun by driving recklessly while attempting to evade LASTMA officials.
According to Yinka’s family and friends, a Danfo bus hit the victim, Mr Balogun and now Mrs Johnson is being falsely accused.

Statement 1

You might have heard the story going round about the Banker who allegedly killed a LASTMA official by knocking him down with her car.
Eye witnesses on the scene insist that the LASTMA official was in fact knocked down by a Danfo bus he was trying to accost AFTER he arrested the Banker for a traffic offence.
In fact, her car was about being towed as can be seen from the picture on the lastma website. 
You can also see from the picture posted there that the car was empty. How did she get back in, ram the towing vehicle and killed the LASTMA man?
LASTMA is trying to skew the story as murder and she is currently in detention. Please note that I have seen her car and it doesn’t have a single dent on it.
Kindly spread the word and encourage eye witnesses to come forward and give statements at Panti where she is being held.
She is a mother of 3 (including a 2mth old baby who is with her in detention). I know her personally.
Please note that the incident happened yesterday morning 10/08/2012 at Ikota, Lekki Express Way. She was on her way to work.
Please call 08037076890 if you have information or witnessed what actually happened. We need eye witnesses to counter their lies.

Statement 2
You may have seen the sensational headlines about a banker crushing a Lastma official to death. This is not true.

Yinka was sitting with a Lastma Official in her stationery car which was about to be towed when another Lastma official on the road was run over by a danfo (comercial bus) quite some distance from her car.

Her car bears no signs of impact as evidence and eye witnesses in the nearby taxi park confirmed this.

The stories accusing her of murder were instigated by unscrupulous Lastma officials who are peddling the false charges and trigger-happy journalists who published uncorroborated stories of the incident without visiting the scene, checking with eye witnesses nor checking with the accused.

A traffic offence and murder are certainly 2 different things. Yinka Johnson certainly did not commit murder. She’s a mother of three who instead of spending a peaceful weekend with her family is sleeping in a police station with her 2 month old baby, falsely accused.

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