Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Have Joy When I’m Around Children-Empress Njama

House of Empress owner, Nollywood actress, Empress Njama has revealed her reasons for specially caring for children.

Empress Njama made this know a couple of days ago when she celebrated her birthday at Karu Children’s Home.

“When growing, my mum said that when I was younger I was always carrying children of my age, I always try to lift them. So I think that is where I got the love from. And I’m this kind of person that has joy when I have children around me or when I’m around children.
It is something that has been within ever since. It’s not like I’m just starting doing this, I have been doing it over the years. I feel very relaxed blessed and free with children.”

Empress Njama also said further, “It has always been my tradition and I will keep doing it. They are the best people you can celebrate your birthday with. They bring so much joy to you and they are all innocent children and clean-hearted people who would genuinely share your cake and have fun with you. It always has to be the children.”

One of the things the beautiful actress does for children include giving scholarship and attending to their daily needs on a regular basis.
Empress Njama emphasized that every year, she chooses five friends who help in the yearly sponsorship of these children.

“Every year, I pick up five friends and I call them volunteers. These friends will take care of a child each for a year. I picked five in Lagos and I was able to get three in Abuja. But it is for a year. If they want to go further, fine but I pick them for a year. That is just what we do to assist the child.
It is just like you assisting the child, most of us enjoy doing it. Most of my friends during our spare time come see the children,” Empress Njama concluded.


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