Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mode 9 Vs Muna

Mode 9 Vs Muna

The show, ‘Nokia don’t Break Da Beat” Rap competition has come and gone. But the fight between Rap star Mode 9(Chief judge) and Muna(host) is now the latest gist.
 Mode 9, together with co-judges, had picked  T.K.O. as winner while Black Jeez is the first Runner Up.
 But Muna disagree with the decision of the judges. She replied to Mode 9 rudely before the huge Crowd below:
I’ve also been listening to Hip-Hop for a long time, I respect your decision but my opinion matters, please pass the mic men’, Muna rudely replied Modenine right in front of the mammoth crowd.
As a presenter, she has no power over the judges decision. Muna is wrong. Well, That’s my opinion.

Nigerian Man,16,Who Has Death Sentence, Has Regained Freedom

Patrick Okoroafor

There are many Prisoners in Nigeria and the world who are in prison for a crime they did not commit. Please my readers read the pathetic  story below:
This is Patrick Okoroafor. He was sentenced to prison in 1995 in Imo State. This happened when he was just 14 years. When he reached 16, 2 years later, the judge sentenced him to death.
Patrick  Okoroafor remained in prison till 2008 for crime he DID NOT COMMIT. He had pleaded innocence but many did not believe. But Help came Amnesty International who campaign for his release. Amnesty International campaign for a period of 4 years.
Fortunately, on the 30th April, 2012, He was released. He had spent 15 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Mr Patrick is now 31 years old.
I am very angry with the judicial system in Nigeria.

Man Bites Off A Womans' Ear

Woman With her Ear Bitten
According to a popular saying: when a man bites a dog, it is news, but what now happens when an able-bodied man bites a woman’s ear? This was exactly what happened at No. 94 Idikoyejo Street, Ijeshatedo, Lagos, on May 1, when what began as a verbal exchange between two women, Mary Eze and Tawa Nurudeen, who were neighbours, resulted into a physical bout which ended in an ugly manner when the latter’s brother, Idris Nurudeen, joined in the fight. By the time the dust settled, Mary Eze, a young mother, had lost one of her ears, allegedly bitten off, by the 21-year-old Nurudeen.
The ugly incident was due to a little misunderstanding which came

Mourinho To Earn 10M Pounds A Year!

Jose Mourinho
Mourinho is to me the most successful coach in the world of football. He is the only coach to won 4 different leagues(Portugal, England, Italy and Spain). He is also called "the special one". He has just broken down Barcelona Dominance in La liga by helping Real Madrid to won the La liga this season(2012/2013). He is also one of the two coaches to have won Champions League with different clubs(FC Porto and Inter Milan).

Currently, Mourinho who is with Real Madrid, is close to reaching an agreement about his contract.
According to Madrid President, Fiorentina Perez,"‘We are very, very close to clinching an agreement. Talks have gone extremely well and Jose now has the new contract and we are just waiting for him to sign’.
 Hala Madrid, hala Mourinho.

Fashola Explains Why He Sacked 788 Doctors

Governor Babatunde Fasola

Governor Babatunde fashola of Lagos state explains the reasons behind himm sacking 788 striking doctors. His actions have received massive condemnation.

I quote him," “the bottom line is that you have people who entered the civil service under specific rules and regulations. The state government reserves the right to evolve policies for all civil services but once you allow people to behave the way they like, there will be chaos and disaster.” Source

I personally do not agree with reason(s). What do you think?

I Will Not Shuffle Minister Cabinet-Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan

There was strong agitation among Minister cabinet fearing President Goodluck Jonathan will reshuffle Minister Cabinet. But Today, the president as assured he will not reshuffle the current cabinet. He said he has full confidence in the present cabinet.
   So Naija ministers , don't fear just concentrate and do what you are supposed to do. Source