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Friday, May 25, 2012

President Jonathan Inaugurates Scholarship Scheme for First Class Graduates

President Jonathan

 On Thursday, President Goodluck Jonathan,  inaugurated a special post-graduate scholarship scheme for all university graduates with a first class degree.

At the State House in Abuja, a 10-man steering committee for the take off of the scheme was inaugurated.

Jonathan said that 60% of our lecturers in our 124 universities had no doctorate degree. He said this situation is not only "unacceptable but embarrassing."

He said: "The information I got from the Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission (NUC) is that about 60 per cent of our academic staff in our universities don’t have PhD. that is quite embarrassing, I belief the Professors here will also feel bad.
"We have 124 universities, Federal, States and private and that is not good enough.
"I will set up an inter-ministerial department to work with some of you in the academics to come up with policies for robust training so that young men and women who are interested in academics could go anywhere in the world, that over the years we must bridge that gap.’’

Father of Nigerian Quadruplets Gets A Job


When a baby is born, it is a thing of joy to the family.
When  twins are born, it is still a thing of joy to the family.
But when a Quardruplet(4 babies at a single birth) is born, it becomes a thing of worry especially if the family is poor or jobless.

This is the case of family of Mr/Mrs Matthew Ukuegbu, who is the father of a set of quardruplet born at Federal Medical Center, Owerri recently. Mr Matthew is jobless.

But Imo Transport Company came to his help and offered Mr Matthew Ukuegbu automatic employment. This was confirmed by the Managing Director of the company, Mr. Emeka Duru, who said they were moved by the pitied condition of the family and their inability to cater well enough for the 4 babies.

A 36-year old American Woman Gives Up on Men and Marries ‘Herself’

Ms Nadine Schweigert

Her name is Ms  Nadine Schweigert and she  is a 36-year old US woman.

Ms Schweigert recently walked to the altar and marry her herself.She is a divorcee. Ms Schwigert said she went through a painful time when her two kids chose to live with their father after her divorce.
She said: “I was waiting for someone to come along and make me happy,” she says. “At some point, a friend said, ‘Why do you need someone to marry you to be happy? Marry yourself.’”

The wedding was attended by 40 of her friends.

 Ms reads her vow:  “I, Nadine, promise to enjoy inhabiting my own life and to relish a lifelong love affair with my beautiful self” and presented herself with a ring and invited all guests to “blow kisses to the whole world”. 

Unknown Gunmen kill two in Potiskum market

Gunmen Men
Remember, early this month, some unidentified gunmen invaded the hugely popular cattle potiskum market killing at least 50 traders.

Well, on thursday this week, some unknown gunmen invaded same market killing 2 traders and injuring several others.   

Sources said the gunmen arrived on motorcycles and attacked the market. The identity of these gunmen is still unknown and no one knows who sent them.

Alibaba, Linda Ikeji, Halima Abubakar, Others Ready for 'Children Benefit Programme'

Charity Lounge

Charity Lounge Lagos, a non-profit a award-honour Initiative is set to organize a Children Day Benefit tagged “Fantastic Four” in Lagos.

This event is to take place  on May 27th, 2012 with support from Skriptures with Debbie & Overall Apparell.
The venue is at the Wesley Home for the Hearing Impaired & Pacelli School for the Blind, No 30, Ajao Road, Surulere by 2pm.  
The main purpose of the initiative is to help raise funds for invited charities and also recognize individuals and initiatives who contribute to community service. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lawmakers Blast Obasanjo for Calling Them Armed Robbers; Calls him Grandfather of Corruption

Olusegun Obasanjo
Former president, General Olusegun Obasanjo, recently called the Law makers "Rogues and Armed Robbers"; check the BluePrint Newspaper(Wednesday, 23/5/2012 edition).

This statement sparked many reactions across the countrty.

But in retaliation response, the law makers condemned the statement and call Obasanjo "The Father of Corruption".

 Minority members of the House then, referred to Mr. Obasanjo as the “grandfather of corruption,” while the senators called for proof.

P Square Buys Private Jet

P Square

P Square's Private Jet

Peter Chilling In their Private Jet
Latest  rumour  has it that Peter and Paul Okoye of Psquare have  bought a new private jet.
The private jet was thought to cost them about  several millions of dollars to pick this private airbus from one of the Arabians.
Peter tweeted: “Jetting privately....thanks to God and the fans. You all made it possible. Baba God done settle us...I no go lie. Just included on our list...that very list......shhhhhh.”

Psqure are among the top 5  nigerian musicians .

Former Zambian Labour Minister Jailed for Burying Money in his farm


Mr Austin Liato(Former Zambian Labour Minister)
    The former Zambian  Labour Minister, called Mr Austin Liato , was arrested in December last year when 2 trunks filled wioth money were found buried in farms land under a layer of concrete.

The amount buried was calculated to be 2.1 billion kwacha .

 This is the first high-profile graft conviction under President Michael Sata, who was elected in

The Magistrate, Aridah Chulu sentenced Liato to two years with hard labour.

This is the height of stealing.
 Annoying that it is even a "Labour Minister". Thank God dem catch am sha.

Only 30% Of Married Men Use Condoms WIth Prostitutes-Prof. John Idoko

Prof. John Idoko
This is a serious problem. Recent reports shows that only about 30% of married nigerian men use condoms when engaging in sex with prostitutes.

Out of a total of 459 married men who reside in urban and rural areas, only 137 had used condoms with commercial sex workers in the past six months prior to study and only 63 men used it at last visit.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Wicked Woman Sell Her Friend's Baby For N3,000

A 19-year old woman, Patience Egebor, has been arrested by Police Detectives at Ikotun Division, Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria, for allegedly stealing a five-month old boy belonging to her friend, Mrs Femi Akintunde, and selling him for N300, 000.

Egebor allegedly took the police to Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, where the baby was recovered from the buyer after she confessed that she actually sold the boy.

Chelsea Fans in Naija Still Celebrating Champions League Win(Pictures)

the celebration is not yet over. More and more Chelsea fans in Naija are still in the mood of celebrating the blues win over Bayern munich. Check out these pictures:
Na wa oo. This cow do become Chelsea fan

Sauce Kid Survives Car Accident!!

Sauce Kid
 Popular nigerian rapper, Babalola Falemi, known as Sauce Kid survives Car accident which nearly cost him his life.
    The accident on Saturday night while he left SUB 69 night club tucked inside Magodo GRA, Ikeja and was heading to Club Deuces in Victoria Island . At Oregun junction, the accident occurred.
    An Audi Q7  car coming from Ojota was said to hit Sauce's Honda i-VTEC car. No death was recorded. Despite the accident, Sauce with his friends still went to party at Club Deuces.
    But he later tweeted: "Glad I made it. Accidents, car totaled, but I'm living. Amen. L.O.K.O lifestyle".

Sauce thank God that nothing happens to you.

Exposed!! Meet Davido Pretty Ghanian Girl Friend-Nash Kards

Nash Kards

Davido is young, handsome and especially(what ladies like most), Damn rich.

Davido has in recent times being linked to several pretty and busty girls. He is the talk of the ladies now. Gradually, he is slowly replacing Whiz Kid in the ladies list.

But source said 1 girl is most precious to him. Her name is Nash Kards(picture above) . Nash is Ghanian, actually a mixed race.
See more pictures below:

King Sunny Ade Expects New Baby @ 66 years old

King Sunny Ade

King Sunny Ade, also called KSA or King of World Beats, will clock 67 in September this year.

But the latest news is that KSA is anticipating the arrival of new baby from his last wife.

News had it that the last wife who is heavily pregnant is expected to put to bed soon.

No Beef With Majid Michel -Van Victor

Van Vicker

These 2 actors have many things in common.

They are both ghanians, handsome, ladies men and so on.

Many thought that they are like enemies and rivals. But Van Vicker exclusively said that there is no bad blood between them. Infact, Van said he even called and congratulated Majid for winning the AMAA 2012 “Best Actor”.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Facebook CEO To Allow Kids Under-13 To Access Facebook?

Children(under 13 years old) to use Facebook

Facebook looks set to relax a ban on children using its site in a move that could see millions more sign up.
A senior employee of the company said the decision to lift the restriction could come about after admitting a large number of under 13-year-olds join up anyway.
     The announcement follows Facebook's floatation on the stock market for a price of $38 a share - a valuation that puts the company's worth at over $100billion.

If the decision to lift the ban is implemented, a flood of new users are likely to sign up to the site.
I personally do not support this idea. Many of these children will expose to some adult things.

A Nigerian Truck Loaded With 65 Pump Action Guns Intercepted at Aflao border, Ghana

Armed Nigerian Registered Truck

A Nigerian registered  truck, loaded with 65 pieces of pump action guns has been intercepted by the Customs officials at the Aflao border, Ghana.

The registration number is XV163-FST and sources said that the truck left Nigeria and was on its way to accra. The truck arrived Aflao border on Thursday, May 17, this year, at about 1900 hours.

The Custome officers at the border became suspicious of the truck and ordered the driver to park the vehicle at the vehicle park for examination the following morning of Friday.

Early on Friday morning, the driver and his associate(with unknown identity), disappeared.

The custom officers , at about 1600 hours on same Friday, began the inspection of the truck without the driver and his colleagues present.

During the inspection, the 65 pieces of pump action guns were found together with some US dollars and Naira.

Na wa oo. Nigeria has reached a stage that it now exports weapons. May God save us.

Mark Zuckerberg Weds Priscilla Chan

Mark(Right) Weds Priscillia Chan(Left)

The facebook CEO and co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has  married his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan today.
Mark just marked his 28th birthday.

Priscililla Chan is 27 years old and she just graduated from medical school on Monday.

The wedding took place at Mark's home in Palo Alto, California, USA.

Can You Marry This Kind of Fat Woman

Am just wondering, can I be able to marry some as fat as the woman above?

Am not sure if the black man beside her is her husband. But if he is her husband then he must be a naija man. Trust naija men when it comes to oyibo women.

Uche Jumbo and Her Husband

Uche Jumbo and Her American Bobo

The picture above is the rumoured picture of Nollywood actress Uche Jumbo and Her American husband.

She separated from Ike Uche and now ends up with an American guy. This our nollywood actress sef, dey too get longer throat.

Davido Acquires New Range Rover

Davido Driving His Range Rover Sport SUV 

Davido, the 19-year-old  fast rising naija pop act has acquired a new Range Rover Sport SUV.

Davido is very excited about it that he posted a picture of him driving it on his Twitter page.

He tweeted: ‘New car tins oluwa dey bless me.'

But my sources had it that Davido is yet to make the final payment as the car is still at the dealers site.

This boy don join the rich Range Rover Club oo.

Boy ride on! the sky is your limit.

Hotel Guest Slumps and Dies In Owerri Concorde Hotel

Confusion was the order of the day in Concorde Hotel ,Owerri when one of their customer just slumped and died yesterday.

His name is Mr. Uzoma Onyekuru.

Mr Uzoma slumped and foams started to come out of his mouth and then he died.

The hospital staffs used a KIA Rio saloon car to rush Mr. Uzoma to the nearest hospital But sadly Mr Uzoma died on the way to the hospital.

JTF Discover Boko Haram Factory In Jos

Arms Discovered By JTF

The JTF(Joint Task Force) have found weapons and bomb-making stocks  in Rikkos, an area in Jos city on Saturday.

Captain Markus Mdahyela, Spokeman of the JTF,  revealed that the hideout was discovered by the security operatives following intelligence reports on a location where six women and 11 children of alleged Boko Haram members were kept in solitary confinement.

BREAKING NEWS: Chelsea Are Champions League Winners

Chelsea CL Winners

Chelsea have won the 2011/2012 Champions league after defeating Bayern Munich at the Allianz Stadium 4-3 on Penalities.

Chelsea who are without their 4 key players; CaptainJohn Terry, Meireless, Ramires and Ivanovic, defended well.

Off course Bayern who are playing at home attacked Chelsea through out.

By 83rd Minute, Thomas Muller headed the ball into the net giving Bayern the lead. But 5 minutes later(88th Minute), Striker Didier Drogba headed the ball into the net bringing the match to balance at 1-1 draw.

The Match went into extra time. At the first half of the extra time, Goal Keeper Petr Cech of Chelsea saved Arjen Robben's penalty. The match then went in to penalties.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stereoman(aka Ekwe) Arrested For Alleged Murder!

Stereoman Man(aka Ekwe)

Remember Stereoman, aka, Ekwe? That  guy who sang the hit song called Ekwe!

He was arrested for  the mother of Rukayat Idris, the mother of his daughter.

Few  Months Before Rukayat's death, Stereoman was said to have battered Rukayat which led to their separation.

Rukayat was found dead in her car under a bridge around Mile 2-Bdagry express way last month.
According to eye witnesses account, she was found dead with marks on her neck which suggested  she was strangled to death.

True Story Behind Uche Jumbo's Arrest

Uche Jumbo

We are all familiar with the story that Uche Jumbo was arrested and detained in a police station.
But not many new the real true story behind her arrrest.

According to my sources her arrest  was due to her " Rude Behaviour".

Uche Jumbo was shooting her film near a Police Station without obtaining a permission rom the Inspector General of Police(IG).  When she was confronted by Divisional Crime Officer(DCO) in charge of Bode Thomas Police station, Uche stated raining abuses at the policemen, and insulting them. Instead of talking to the poilice politely.

Jackie Chan Retires From Action Films

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan has announced his retirement from action movies and now prefers to play a normal roles.
The reasons behind his decision were due to old age and the ever increasing world violence.

Jackie Chan is 58 years old.

Speaking at the launch of his new production Chinese Zodiac at the Cannes Film Festival, Jackie Chan said it would be his final performance as an action hero.

According to the Chinese action hero “the world is too violent right now. It’s a dilemma – I love fighting. I like action but I don’t like violence.”

Adieu my favourite Chinese Actor. We will miss you.

INEC Cancels Controversial Voter Registration In Edo State

INEC Chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega

Following wide spread criticisms and rejection, INEC has decided to cancel its controversial voters registration in Edo.
Some stake holders have said the voters registration was a means to give PDP victories against ACN in the election.
The controversial Voters registration led to violence in Benin in which 1 life was lost and several other party supporters injured.

Police Arrest Pastor For Robbery

Armed Robbers

The Pastor's name is Pastor Karachi Ekwenye of Divine Restoration of God Mission, Oyi road, Rivers.

Pastor Karachi along with 2 others were arrested  by the Kogi state police command has arrested and paraded a pastor and two others in connection with the last month robbery of First Bank and Unity bank in Ankpa, Ankpa Local government of Kogi state.

Sources said Pastor karachi acts as their spiritual father and thus offers Spiritual prayers to them before they go out for any operation.

The names of the other two are:  Innocent Onyeonura and Joy Onyeonura(brothers).  
The Ankpa robbery took place on the 25th April, 2012 where the 2 brothers made away with millions and they paid Pastor Karachi N300,000 for his service.

These are the pastors that are spoiling the name of God. May God have mercy on him.

60-Year Old Man Rapes 20-Year Old Boy

 Alhaji Olusegun Adesina,a 60-year old man,  was on Friday in Abeokuta arraigned before an Isabo Magistrate’s Court for allegedly raping a 20-year-old secondary school leaver (name removed)

News said  Alhaji Olusegun Adesina lured the boy into his private residence in Abeokuta and abuse the boy.
Adesina had sexual intercourse with boy through the anus.

Magistrate O.A. Ayobolu granted Adesina bail in the sum of N500,000 with two sureties.

Left to me they should in addition to above punishment, flogged the man well well.

BREAKING NEWS: Explosions Along Lekki-Epe Express Way

The explosion was caused by a trailer driver who was carrying inflammable materials along Lekki-Epe Express way.

The driver of the trailer survived but undergoing treatment in Safeway hospital. Unfortunately, the truck conductor died in the fire.

Uche Jumbo Confirms Her Marriage Rumours

Uche Jumbo

Rumours where everywhere the sexy actress, Uche Jumbo, has gotten married in abroad.
Recently Uche  confirms it as she said: “Yes it’s true, but I won’t be revealing any other information for now. But I promise to give you a statement soon.”

She did not want people to know who her husband is, atleast for now. But some sources said the husband is an American by name Kenny Rodriguez.

The secret wedding took place in faraway Puerto Rico on Wednesday 16th May 2012 and was attended by her very close friend Desmond Elliot.

Two Nigerian Representatives, Ola and Chris, Leaves Big Brother Africa Stargame

Ola(Left) and Chris(Right)

2 Nigerian Representatives at the ongoing Big Brother Africa Show have decided to leave the house citing health issues.
They are by name Ola and Chris.
According to sources, Ola had high blood pressure and requires serious medical attention.
Their  housemates wre very sad and disappointed as Ola and Chris were the ones that make the house become lively.

Unilag Confirms Prof. Rahman Bello As Acting VC


After the death of Prof. Sofoluwe, The Governing body of the unversity of Lagos has confirmed Deputy Vice-Chancellor, (Management Services), Prof. Rahman Bello, as the acting vice-chancellor of the institution.

The reason for choosing Bello I learnt was because Prof. Bello had become a Professor long ago before eputy Vice-Chancellor (Academics), Prof. Babajide Alo, who was also considered for the job.


Chidi mokeme and Wife

Not long ago, star actor Chidi Mokeme got married to his US based wife, Jean Olumba penultimate Saturday,April 28,2012 in Lagos.

One person who is expected to be attendance is his 13-year old son whom he got from his sugar mummy. But not many realize that the son was absent from the wedding.

124,000 Persons Are Infected With AIDS In Ogun State

the alarming rate of HIV infection is becoming worrisome.
Recent studies shows that 3,780 persons were tested HIV positive in Abuja.

But Ogun state has 124,00 people infected.
This report was given by Ogun State Commissioner for Health, Mr Olaokun Soyinka.
Mr Olaokun also suggested means to reduce this rate like organising HIV prevention centres, sensitization, etc.
“We are in the final stages of the process of employing them. This is a major initiative that will greatly improve services in all the facilities under the Hospital Management Board. We have also purchased four additional ambulances to support the existing fleet.” He added.
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