Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lawmakers Blast Obasanjo for Calling Them Armed Robbers; Calls him Grandfather of Corruption

Olusegun Obasanjo
Former president, General Olusegun Obasanjo, recently called the Law makers "Rogues and Armed Robbers"; check the BluePrint Newspaper(Wednesday, 23/5/2012 edition).

This statement sparked many reactions across the countrty.

But in retaliation response, the law makers condemned the statement and call Obasanjo "The Father of Corruption".

 Minority members of the House then, referred to Mr. Obasanjo as the “grandfather of corruption,” while the senators called for proof.

P Square Buys Private Jet

P Square

P Square's Private Jet

Peter Chilling In their Private Jet
Latest  rumour  has it that Peter and Paul Okoye of Psquare have  bought a new private jet.
The private jet was thought to cost them about  several millions of dollars to pick this private airbus from one of the Arabians.
Peter tweeted: “Jetting privately....thanks to God and the fans. You all made it possible. Baba God done settle us...I no go lie. Just included on our list...that very list......shhhhhh.”

Psqure are among the top 5  nigerian musicians .

Former Zambian Labour Minister Jailed for Burying Money in his farm


Mr Austin Liato(Former Zambian Labour Minister)
    The former Zambian  Labour Minister, called Mr Austin Liato , was arrested in December last year when 2 trunks filled wioth money were found buried in farms land under a layer of concrete.

The amount buried was calculated to be 2.1 billion kwacha .

 This is the first high-profile graft conviction under President Michael Sata, who was elected in

The Magistrate, Aridah Chulu sentenced Liato to two years with hard labour.

This is the height of stealing.
 Annoying that it is even a "Labour Minister". Thank God dem catch am sha.

Only 30% Of Married Men Use Condoms WIth Prostitutes-Prof. John Idoko

Prof. John Idoko
This is a serious problem. Recent reports shows that only about 30% of married nigerian men use condoms when engaging in sex with prostitutes.

Out of a total of 459 married men who reside in urban and rural areas, only 137 had used condoms with commercial sex workers in the past six months prior to study and only 63 men used it at last visit.