Monday, June 4, 2012

PHOTOS: Nollywood Movie Awards 2012

The 2012 Nollywood Movie Awards held on Saturday June 2nd at the Civic Centre, Lagos. More photos when you continue...

Plane Crash: President Jonathan Is Crying.

I am moved. please readers see our president crying at scene of plane crash.

President Jonathan

WICKED MAN: Man Beheads His Wife And Cut Her Body To Pieces

In China (Berlin) a man was  arrested for killing his wife and then cutting her body to pieces in his apartment. Police raided his apartment and also found 6 children.

It was the Neighbours who alerted the police when they heard a loud noise coming from the man’s apartment.

A Nigerian Student Gets Seven(7) Awards AT New York University

Mr Olu Onemola
Mr Olu Onemola is A Nigerian 2012 graduate at the Lehman College, the City University of New York (CUNY). He is a Political Science at Lehman.
Young Mr Olu received the following awards:

1)       The distinguished “Golden Key’’ award, otherwise referred to as International Honour Society(An academic honour society for high-achieving scholars).

       2)       Pi Sigma Alpha.

3)      National Honour Society in Political Science.

All The Things I Do Are Genius-Like -Usher Raymond

Usher Raymond
In a recent interview with an international magazine, Usher said everything he does, he considered it genius. Usher's full named is Usher Terry Raymond. He is an American  Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Dancer and Actor.Usher had been performing since 1992.

He said:  “I really do believe something incredible is happening every moment I’m able to continue to do this. So I wanna live in it. Enjoy every waking moment. And I really do.”

Ghana Crash: President Mills Visit Site of Crash

Ghana President, President John Atta Mills
The president of Ghana, President John Atta Mills, together some of Ghana's top officials  had yesterday visited the site of the plane crash that occurred in Accra. remember my report in which a Nigerian  Boeing 727  Cargo Plane  crashed in Hajj Village near the El Wak Stadium in Accra and about 12 people had lost their lives.

President John Mills said: "I pray that all of you have survived and wish you speedy recovery."

MURDER: A 60-year Old Woman Killed in Her House

One Mrs. Mary Agada ( 60-year-old widow), Umuezeala, Nzerem community in Ehime Mbano local government area of Imo State, was brutally murdered in her house.

But it took the community 2 days to discover that the woman was dead. Many are pointing accusing fingers at the Late Widow's 35-year old son.

BREAKING NEWS: Police fire Tear Gas at Emerging Crowd at Lagos Plane Crash Site

A crowd of about 2,000 people  were forcing their way to the crash site despite police blockage. This has made the police to start throwing rear gas at the crow.

The crowd then retreated but later returned, looking on from rooftops and other areas.
Rescue workers have so far pulled at least 62 bodies from the wreckage, an official said as searches pressed on at the site of the devastation.

One witness said: "We were lucky. We just finished our church service when this thing happened.”

The Pilot in Lagos crash is An American

Lagos Plane Crash
Recent reports said that the pilot that drove the plane that crashed in Lagos yesterday was an American, the co-pilot was from India, and the flight engineer from Indonesia.

  The pilot had  declared an emergency(about 10 minutes before crash) as the plane was on final approach to Murtala Muhammed International Airport.

Apple Defeatts Nokia Over Nano-SIM Standard

Apple nano -SIM
Apple has just defeated Nokia whe it comes to the standard for a smaller SIM card used. Especially smaller SIM would leave more room for other components in future phone designs.
Apple's new nano-SIm cards measures 12.3×8.8mm, and have the same thickness as current micro SIM cards.

PHOTOS: Pictures From Lagos Plane Crash

Below are exlusive oictures from Yesterday's Lagos Plane Crash: