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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Governor Wada’s ‘Broken Leg’ Fixed – Doctor

                    Kogi Governor, Idris Wada

Governor Wada of Kogi is responding to treatment in an Abuja hospital.
The Kogi State Governor, Idris Wada, who survived a road accident on Friday with a broken thigh bone, is responding to treatment in an Abuja hospital, his doctor has said.
Felix Ogedegbe, the Medical Director of Cedarcrest Hospital, Abuja, where Mr. Wada is receiving treatment, said the governor’s fractured thigh bone, femur, has been fixed.
Mr. Ogedegbe, an Orthopaedic Surgeon, said on Saturday, while addressing journalists that the governor did not suffer any life threatening injuries and may not be referred to a hospital abroad.
On Friday, along the Lokoja-Ajaokuta highway, Mr. Idris’ convoy was involved in a fatal auto crash that killed his security aide, Idris Mohammed, on the spot; and injured two other officials.
He was checked in with Mr. Ogedengbe at the Abuja Hospital at about8.00 p.m. after receiving first aid in a specialist hospital in Kogi.

Obama Grants Outcast Nigerian Student U.S. Permanent Residency

Victor Chukwueke
Victor Chukwueke
   A Nigerian(Victor Chukwueke) immigrant’s dream came true when President Barack Obama signed into law a rare private bill granting him permanent residency in the Unites States.

Victor Chukwueke, who lives in Michigan on an expired visa, came to the United States 11 years ago to undergo treatment for massive face tumors.
He graduated from a university in the state, and plans to attend an Ohio medical school that requires him to have permanent residency, also known as a green card.
In a rare act, the United States Congress passed a private bill this month granting him permanent residency. Obama signed the bill Friday.
Private bills — which only apply to one person and mostly focus on immigration — are rarely approved. His is the only one to pass in Congress in two years.
“I was overwhelmed with joy; it was nothing less than a miracle,” the 26-year-old says. “Only in this country can so many miraculous and wonderful things happen to someone like me.”

Before coming to the United States at age 15, Chukwueke lived in the southeastern Nigeria town of Ovim.
He suffers from neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes massive life-threatening tumors on his face.
Victor Chukwueke
Victor Chukwueke before coming to America. Photo: Matt Lockwood / South End
Treated as an outcast because of his deformed face, he was depressed and humiliated, he says. His family abandoned him at an orphanage after taking him to the nation’s best facilities for treatment.

Nollywood Actor, Kanayo .O. Kanayo, Is Now A Pastor

                        kanayo kanayo pastor

Veteran Nollywood Actor, Anayo Modestus Onyekwere popularly known as Kanayo.O.Kanayo is now a pastor. I’m sure you’re as surprised as i am.
A source got the actor’s photo on a church banner(Picture Below) where he was mentioned as one of the ministers in a 3-day spiritual programme,. That means he’s now born again.
See One of his Church Advert Banner Below:

Nice one Kanayo. We pray God uses you to bless many souls. Amen.

Chris Brown Removes Karrueche's Tattoo To Please Rihanna.


Back in January Chris Brown tattooed his current flame Karrueche Tran's face on his arm .

Now insiders are claiming Chris has had the tattoo removed to please Rihanna...
"CHRIS BROWN has emerged as a strong rival to JOHNNY DEPP in the romance stakes.

But RIHANNA’s fella didn’t go for something obvious like name a part of his grounds after her.
He had a tattoo of his ex’s name removed as a love gesture."

From The Sun  

Brandy Confirms Her Engagement


Few days ago rumors spread that Brandy Norwood and her boyfriend Ryan Press were engaged to be married .

Brandy's reps confirm the news...

Insiders tell Us Weekly,

"They are thrilled and happy and Brandy feels this is so right."
This will be Brandy's first real marriage. Brandy famously lied about being married to her child's father, music producer Robert Smith, in 2002 and was later exposed after Robert revealed her lie to the media

A Must Read: I Took Off My UNDERWEAR.....( True Life Story)

A True Life Story, Written by a COLLEGE GIRL before she gave up the Ghost.

I Took Off My UNDERWEAR.....

I used to be that innocent girl who had the world at her feet. I
was beautiful and I had eyes and HIPS that could make men
sway, and to top it all up, I was a Christian, a very good
Christian with a heart burning for God.
When I entered the university, I met a guy, his name was DERRICK. 
I couldn’t believe my luck the first time I bumped into him on my way to class, he had such a kind smile and a tender look that weakened my knees when he spoke.

Because I was late for class we couldn’t talk much but barely
three weeks later, I met him at the fresher’s night party and I
was overwhelmed. We got talking and I found out that he was
in his second year and from that night, we became an
inseparable pair.
At first, we were friends and as months passed by, we got
closer and closer and the chemistry between us was undeniable.

About a year after I entered the university, Derrick and I started
dating. He was everything a girl could ever want and desire
save the fact that he wasn’t so much of a Christian. Derrick had
magical hands that made him hard to resist and most times I
fell for it. At first, I felt bad but when I couldn’t help falling into
the same pit I killed the guilt on my inside. 

And then one day, one of my friends said I was getting fatter and that got me thinking and in the process I began to link the dots…first I had a vomiting spree every morning which I thought was due to a flu and then I had this morning sickness which I felt was due to
stress and then my missing period…oh no it can’t be possible I
said to myself, I couldn’t be pregnant!!!
After a series of test outside school, I realized the deadliest
truth, I was indeed pregnant. I was only nineteen, I still had a
whole life ahead of me, what was I going to do. I couldn’t tell
my parents, they wouldn’t hear of it. Ihad to go to Derrick to
tell him what I had found out.

On telling him, I saw him fly into a temper I had never seen in
my life. He was so hysterical, calling me all sorts of names and
I didn’t even know when I started crying heart drenching tears
of hurt and betrayal. When he looked into my eyes he must
have realized how scared and hurt I was and so he pulled me
close and ran his hands through my hair until I had calmed
down and then he said to me in the most subtle voice ever ”why
don’t you have an abortion”. I pulled back instantly, I couldn’t
have an abortion! But when he talked about my parents and
the sanctioning of the school and the fellowship which I
belonged to, I knew I had no other choice.

Derrick had made all the arrangements and so on the supposed
day we went to the room- like clinic. I shivered all through my
way there but Derrick kept telling me that it would be okay and that
he was proud that I made such a brave decision. When I
entered into the room where the abortion was supposed to take
place I laid down on the table trying to dissociate my mind from
what I was about to do and then a young man told me sternly, ”
you know I can’t perform this procedure with your underwear
on” and then I began to pull it off. As I did this a sense of guilt
overwhelmed me, first I had pulled off my UNDERWEAR of
pleasure and now I was pulling it off to get rid of the stigma the
pleasure had brought what a shame, I felt so exposed.

All through the times that I felt instruments coming in and out
of me, I kept thinking of the lady I had become and the
hypocrite I had transformed into. I let out a sigh, only if I can
get through this I muttered… only if…and then I felt a sharp pain
pierce through the whole of my body, I screamed but then the
doctor told me to be quiet. I felt another pain but this time I bit
my lip and then the pain began to come in successions. I
instinctively knew that something was wrong but I was too
weak totally or to move and then I heard the voices of Derrick
and the doctor talking about the fact that I was bleeding
excessively. The pain was so unbearable and I could feel myself
getting weaker and weaker. With the last strength in me, I
pleaded with God”Oh Lord I’m so sorry for taking my under
wears off, please forgive me.” and I drifted into a world where
the pain seemed less hurtful and the voices seemed more

Friends, our bodies are the temple of the Lord. Do not take off
your UNDERWEAR when the time is not right. Lots of girls who
gained admission into the university as virgins eventually lost it
so cheaply to guys who have nothing to do with their
destinies. In a bid to get a certificate, they sold out a destiny
that certificate cannot guarantee....she died long time ago..

SHARE & LIKE, If U HAVE A HEART and like her story. If her death also touched you, Please write R.I.P.....
If you did'nt feel anything, just ignore........R.I.P.

What Is Wrong With This Photo?

Meet Fred Nuamah and his wife at premiere of Yvonne Okoro's "The Contract" Premiere.

There is something really funny here. Take a closer look at their feet. The lady wore a massively high heeled shoes while my guy is trying all his best to be tall like her. hehehehe...

Suicide Bomber Attack Averted In FCT

Indications emerged, on Thursday, that authorities of the Nigerian Army Garrison Headquarters in Abuja, foiled a suicidal plot by members of the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram, to carry out a Christmas and New Year celebrations’ bombing in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT.
According to the Vanguard newspaper, two drums loaded with explosives, several sizes of cans, including those of vegetable oils and palm oil converted to Improvised Explosive Devices, IEDs; about six AK-47 rifles and timing devices were recovered.
The Vanguard also reported that two persons, the landlord of the house where the high caliber explosives were recovered, and another man described as the middle man who facilitated the movement of the plotters and IEDS to the house, where the attack was to be coordinated, have been arrested by operatives of the Army Garrison Headquarters.
Also, a manhunt is also said to have been activated for the persons scheduled to carry out the bombings. Operatives, made up of Military Intelligence and counter-terrorism personnel, stormed the house located in Suleja area, following a tip-off at the dead of the night, but were unable to apprehend the two suicide bombers, who did not return from wherever they went on that day.

Grand Mother Brought Back To Life Twice, Comes back Alive After 3 Days In Morgue

Lyudmila Steblitskaya, her daughter Anastasia, and granddaughter Nelli, all had a horrific shock
Lyudmila Steblitskaya, her daughter Anastasia, and granddaughter Nelli, all had a horrific shock
A grandmother has been brought back from the dead twice – and has even survived spending three days in a morgue.
The 61-year-old Russian woman has been declared dead twice by doctors, but each time has come back to life – and once was minutes away from being cut open for her autopsy.
Hardy Lyudmila Steblitskaya spent 3 days laying in a freezing cold morgue, while her family mourned the retired cook.    

                                    Anastasia could not believe it when doctors halted an autopsy and discovered her mother was alive 

The mother’s eery habit of returning to life has not only left her family torn between grief and hope that she may come back to life, but perplexed doctors too, The Siberian Times reported..
She has scared both doctors, friends and family once in November last year and in October this year.
The initial confusion began last year, when Lyudmila was taken to Tomsk Regional Clinical Hospital and spent days in hospital because she felt unwell.
When her 29-year-old daughter Anastasia, who has a daughter Nelli, nine, called on a Friday evening to ask about her mother’s condition, she was informed by doctors that her mother had died.
The devastated woman began planning her mother’s funeral and breaking the bad news to friends and family.
She spent 60,000 roubles (£1,223) buying flowers, a casket, arranging for a grave to be dug, and buying food for the mourners who planned to attend the funeral on the Monday morning, according to the newspaper.

We Will Create Apa State – Mark Assures Idomas


Senate President, the Okpokpowulu of Idomaland, Senator David Aleichenu Mark has assured Nigerians, especially people from Benue zone C Senatorial District that the long-awaited Apa State and any other state that meets requirement in the country would be created.
Mark who holds the highest title in Idomaland gave this assurance in Otukpo, the proposed capital of the yet to be created state when the Chairman, Senate Committee on Police Affairs, Paulinus Igwe, led a delegation of his kinsmen from Ebonyi State to felicitate with him during the Christmas.
According to Mark: “The argument of those opposing state creation is based on whether existing states are viable or not. But they forget that a state might be unviable just because the administrator is not ingenious with internal revenue generation or the people are not united and the administrator has to spend the available resources on achieving peace.
“I am for the creation of Apa state and any other state that may fit the conditions. I have never shied from my agitation for creation of additional states just as I have always called for the creation of roles for traditional rulers in the Constitution. The traditional rulers are the custodians of peaceful coexistence in our various local communities. We must, therefore, confer on them constitutional powers that would enable them to perform the roles of ensuring peace in the communities,” he said.
The retired Brigadier General urged the people of Ebonyi Central Senatorial District to forgive one another and live in harmony in line with the message that accompanies the birth of Christ.
“The central message of Christianity is forgiveness and unless we can genuinely forgive one another, we cannot be a good Christian. It is not easy to forgive, particularly in a situation where lives have been taken.
“But Christ’s birth brought peace, the type that was not known in the world before his coming. And he came and preached forgiveness. We must, therefore, as Christians who are supposed to be Christ-like, forgive one another. I appeal to you to also appeal to those who are at home to allow peace to reign.
“In this New Year, we must make a resolution for peace to reign in Ebonyi Central. I am willing to work to achieve this peace. If all leaders would make themselves available to work for peace in the little community, we will soon have peace as a nation,” Mark noted.
Earlier in his speech, Senator Igwe had told Mark that he brought his people to pay homage and celebrate the festive period with the Senate President and his family.`
It would be recalled that elder statesman and Mark’s political rival, Major General Lawrence Onojan (rtd) once told newsmen that the creation of Apa State being campaigned by Mark was a political gimmick construed to deceive the Idoma people.
According to the former military governor of Kastina State: “Idoma people have been waiting for Apa State for the past 12 years and it has never come. So, any Idoma man who still believes it now is probably out of the moon; he is not a true son of Idoma. It is a political gimmick. When it would come, it would come. We are praying for it and a single person
cannot bring a state. It has to be the collective effort of the people.”
Only last Monday, Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Smart Adeyemi, raised the alarm that Governors are against the National Assembly in their moves towards creating additional states in the country.

Pete Edochie is NOT Dead


It has been confirmed that Nollywood’s Pete Edochie is alive and not dead.
Contrary to rumour going viral that the legendary actor passed on in Europe this morning, reliable sources close to him have disclosed that the Nollywood star is hale and hearty.
Though we were unable to speak with him directly, we have reliably gathered from a source, who confirmed that the death hoax was totally false with no iota of truth in it.
You will recall that In 2011, Pete Edochie was rumoured to had died until he dispelled the rumour later on.

Tonto Dikeh Explains Why She Did Not Perform At Rhythm Unplugged

For the second consecutive time, fans of Tonto Dikeh’s music were left disappointed, after the Nollywood star failed to show up for her performance at the Rhythm Unplugged.
The previous time, when she was billed to perform at the Best of Nollywood Awards (BON), she kept guests and organisers waiting. Only to deny later that she was never scheduled to perform there.
However, this time around, the Poko Queen already told her fans to watch out, as she will be part of the numerous artistes that will rock the stage that evening.
After she failed to show up again, she took to Twitter to apologise, citing ill-health as the reason for her no-show.
“Formal Apology 2 @flytimeevents n Ya’ll 4Failin 2showup 4 ma 1zt performance due 2health reazonz**Promize a better show **Much luv,” she wrote.
A lot of industry observers. are already insinuating that Miss Dikeh is developing cold feet over her own songs.

D'banj Apologizes For Inconveniences Experienced At Koko Concert , Releases Apology Statement.

                       D'banj's Koko Concert
Nigerian music star D’banj has apologized for any inconvenience experienced at the 2012 edition of Koko concert held Thursday, December 27th.
The most optimistic of people who attended the Koko Concert at the ‘Eko Atlantic City’ on December 27, 2012, left the venue fuming or too exhausted to react to the poor turnout of events that took place.
The first of many problems was the distance from the Eko Atlantic entrance to the venue of the show – all of 20KM. While cars were getting stuck in the sandy ground and traffic was building up, eager fans decided to walk the distance hoping that their ‘endurance trek’ would be compensated with a good show.
Koko Concert, which was meant to start at 7PM, kicked off at 10:24PM with comedians Basketmouth and Bovi doing a tremendous job by keeping the crowd hyped up for the upcoming performances.
However, below is his Apology Statement:
‘To all my great FANS that came out for me. Words cant express my gratitude and love for u guys. I apologise to everyone for any Inconvenience, most especially the trek to jerusalem. Logistics crew were overwhelmed by the crowd turn out and traffic made adapting hard.
I send out my sincere apologies especially for the fact that you still came and made the show a Great success. I promise there won’t be a repeat of what happened. Measures are being taken to guarantee that. Again thank you and God bless. There can’t be Dbanj without u guys, love.’
D'banj we have forgiven you. We pray and hope that your next concert becomes far better than this.

Photo: D’banj & Big Sean Cruise Around Town Before Koko Concert !

                          dbanj and big sean aston-martin-trendsnigeria
The Kokomaster was captured with his American counter-part, Big Sean cruising around town in D’banj's $200,000 Aston Martin vintage car, shortly before the Koko concert got started.

Mourinho Describes Dropping Casillas As A Success, Says He Is Keen To Defeat United

Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho, has hailed his decision to drop Iker Casillas, as a success, as it was a big proof that coaches are responsible for picking the team.
The former Inter Milan boss, picked Antonio Adrian ahead of the club’s number one, in the 3-2 loss to Malaga and in his typical manner, he has played down the defeat.
“Maybe it looked like a bad week, but it’s been fantastic,” he told reporters in UAE.
“Football changes greatly, but there is one thing that doesn’t: the teams continue to be picked by the coaches.”
The Blancos have been drawn against Manchester United in the Champions League Round of 16. The Portuguese says he is looking forward to the tie.
“It’ll be a thrilling clash and we’re keen to beat a team who have a different philosophy to Real Madrid.”
One player who all eyes will be on before the two legs of the tie, will be Cristiano Ronaldo, who left the left two years ago.
“He’s a star, everyone wants a player like him, because of his character and his determination,” he said.
“Everyone knows he’s the best and they are right behind him. His natural habitat is at the world’s biggest teams.”
Mourinho also rubbished reports that he was set to take the Paris Saint Germain job.
“My future at PSG? I do not think so,” the ex-Inter boss added. “I think that Ancelotti is good and will be very successful in Paris.”

Shakira May NOT Have Been Delivered of a Baby Boy. Pique Pranked His 4.7million Twitter Followers


Thursday evening, the Internet was buzzing with news that Shakira had given birth to her son. And, for good reason: Her boyfriend Gerard Pique tweeted about it! But It may turn out to be a lie.

The Spanish footballer wrote about the birth of their first child in Spanish: "Ya ha nacido nuestro hijo! Estamos muy felices! Gracias a todos por vuestros mensajes!" Translated: "Our son has been born! We are very happy! Thanks to all for your messages."

Well, there's one slight issue: It was Día de los Santos Inocentes (Day of Innocents), a holiday recognized in Spain and Mexico that's sorta kinda like April Fool's Day. It's full of pranks and tomfoolery to celebrate Mary and Joseph tricking King Herod by smuggling Jesus out of Bethlehem before he could kill him. 

So, it's believed that Pique decided to trick all of his 4. 7 million Twitter followers into believing he'd become a dad, in honor of the holiday. All in good fun, right? 

Shakira is actually supposed to give birth in mid-January. She was most recently seen out on Christmas Day shopping for gifts in Barcelona. While it is possible that she did actually give birth, her own Twitter page has been silent since Monday and it's likelier that she's hanging out enjoying her last month of pregnancy and getting ready to usher in 2013. 


Suspect Hides Cocaine in Six (6) Soap Tablets


An attempt by Olawole Akanle, 42, to smuggle 630g of cocaine hidden in six tablets of soap to the United Kingdom was recently aborted by law enforcement agents at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos.

Akanle was about to board an Arik Air flight to London when he was apprehended by officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

Another suspect, Nicholas Ezika, who ingested about 62 wraps of methamphetamine weighing 1.130kg, was similarly arrested at the airport. He was en-route to Malaysia via Egypt Airline flight.

The NDLEA commander at the airport, Mr. Hamza Umar, confirmed the arrests. He said, “This is the second time we are detecting drugs concealed in soap this year. Although it was an ingenious plan, we were able to detect it. The suspects are said to have made confessional statements on their involvement, which is helping further investigation.”

Akanle, who holds Nigerian and British passports, said, “I was born in London. I lived in south-east London until 2007 when I came back to Nigeria. I sell laptops, clothes and shoes to earn a living. I was contacted to smuggle the drugs by a friend. He told me that since I have a British passport and had lived there, it will be easy for me to handle. They also told me that the drug was neatly concealed. He promised to pay me £3,000 excluding all travel expenses. That was how I got involved.”

An auto parts dealer at the Onitsha Market in Anambra State, Ezika blamed his predicament on the demolition of his shop. He said, “I am an auto parts dealer at Npkor, Onitsha. I was doing fine in business until my shop was demolished. After the demolition, it was difficult to take care of my wife and only child. I had no option of survival than to accept $3,000 to smuggle the drugs. I ingested the drugs at Onitsha and came to Lagos to board my flight to Malaysia. I was ignorant of the fact that drug offenders are liable to death in Malaysia. It was after my arrest that I discovered the risk involved in my action.”

In his reaction, the Chairman/Chief Executive of the NDLEA, Ahmadu Giade, expressed delight over Ezika’s arrest. He said, “I am very happy with the arrests, particularly that of the second suspect, Ezika. It is good that we detected the drug here. 

Apart from the death penalty he would have faced in Malaysia, we have also protected the image of the country from disrepute. I urge members of the public to join in the fight against drug trafficking and abuse. We have saved many young people from similar premature deaths and we hope to do more to protect lives in the days ahead.”

Pastor, Travel Agency Operator Arrested For Fraud

The Lagos State Police command has said the command have arrested a pastor and a travel agency operator, who allegedly, specializes in defrauding intending pilgrims using the Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission.
Confirming the arrest, Lagos State Police Command Spokesperson, Ngozi Braide disclosed that the suspects had been granted bail pending the completion of investigations.
However, the suspects who were identified by the police as Lanre Onabanjor, a staff of Ashton and Dave Travel Agency and Rev. Joshua Taiwo, an Ibadan based pastor, with the Gospel Faith Mission International, GOFAMINT, were arrested by policemen attached to the Bar-Beach Police Station following a complaint from a victim who accused the suspects of defrauding him of about N1.3million.
A police source who craved anonymity told Vanguard that the victim, Fatayi Osholonge, had approached the travel agency, located at Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, after speaking to one of their agents assured him that the agency would assist him and his wife arrange a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and the Vatican in Rome. [VN]

TRAGEDY: 4 Children Killed In Fire Outbreak, Roasted Like Goats.

      Family wiped out
We watched as our kids roast to death like goats —Couple

Despite the fact that some weeks have passed since the fire disaster that wiped out five children of Mr. & Mrs. Augustine Ikwuagwu on Comfort Oboh Street, Kirikiri Town, Lagos, its bitter memory still lingers. 
Indeed, the tragedy has been a nightmare to the couple. When a source met with the couple recently, pain and agony have overwhelmed them, as they recounted their loss.
Speaking amid tears, Mrs Margaret Ikwuagwu, said her fine kids, Chukwuemeka (13), Ifeanyichukwu (10), Bright (8), Joy (6) and Victoria (4) were sleeping in the house when the incident started at 10pm. She said that all efforts to rescue the children failed. “I asked my children to go and sleep in the room while I was preparing to close shop for the day.
Then, shortly, someone ran to tell me that our house was on fire. I abandoned everything I was doing and ran down to the house. When I got there, the fire had already covered the whole place and I could not enter my room to rescue my children,” she said. Mrs Ikwuagwu explained that she cried for help, but no one came to her aid. “When I got there, I met a mammoth. My co-tenants were busy removing their children and property.
They started the rescue as soon as the fire broke out, but never bothered to inform me that our house was on fire. I tried to rescue our children, but I could not because the fire had covered our room. I heard the voices of my children shouting. But could not save the situation. I cried for help, but no one assisted me. “I forced myself inside the room when I heard my children crying for help, with the hope that I would bring out at least one or two, but I ended up being burnt by fire; so I ran out.” The woman revealed that as she was shouting, her husband arrived at the scene.
“When my husband arrived, we joined hands to rescue our children. He pushed the door, but the fire was too much; he tried to force himself through the window; yet he did not succeed. We called our children, but they did not answer us. When we tried and saw that there was no hope again, we fainted, having watched our five children, cash and other property ruined by fire. We were rushed to the hospital immediately and did not know what happened later,” she stated.
Mrs. Ikwuagwu stated that it was after some hours that she and her husband recovered from the shock. “When we recovered, we were asked to come to Kirikiri Police Station to make statement. Thereafter, we were asked to come and take our children for burial. So, we went to bury them at Trinity Cemetery, Olodi Apapa.” She revealed that before the fire disaster, her family had planned to travel home on December 22 for Christmas. “I do not know why this thing happened to us.
Why should our five children go like that? We were preparing to travel home on December 22 for Christmas. Now here we are. Where do we start and how far do I go from here? I know that it was not an ordinary fire. But, however, God will take control of the whole thing,” she lamented. Narrating what happened, Mr. Augustine Ikwuagwu, popularly known as Osuofia, said that when he arrived he tried his best to rescue the children, regretting that the fire had already taken over the entire compound.
He said: “On December 12, I went to my wife’s shop and saw my children sleeping and I asked my wife to take them home, which she did. We did not lock the children inside the house, as people are saying, rather. Our 12-year-old son, Chukwuemeka, took them home, and when the fire started, no one cared to call us and as a result, our children got burnt to death. We have three male and two female children and they died same day.
As it is, I have no house, no property and no child. People are saying that we locked the children inside the room and lighted a candle, but I am telling you that we did not lock them inside and we did not use candle at all; what we use was rechargeable lamp.” He also stated that the cause of the fire is yet to be known. “We are still surprised about how the fire started and up till this moment, we have not been able to know the cause of the fire. But God has the answer,” he stated. Mr. Ikwuagwu said the fact that they watched their five children suffer and died in the fire was the worst thing that has happened to him and his wife.
“I wanted to kill myself because I do not know where I am going from here. I do not think, I can cope because my entire life struggles are gone. After five children, we have decided not to bear children again. But now, we are starting again,” he lamented. He stated that since the incident, life has not been easy for his family, revealing that he and his wife are still receiving treatment in the hospital. “It has not been easy for us since then.
We have no child, shelter, clothes, money and property. Also, we have not recovered from the shock. So, anyone who knows what it takes to lose five children and everything should please assist us to come back to life. My wife’s spirit has gone down; she has been thinking of how to get another child,” Ikwuagwu lamented.
Note: Assistance could be rendered to the couple through Austin Ikwuagwu, Zenith Bank Account Number 2001622946, Phone: 07066252605, 0802590062, 07037591544 or No 3, Jimoh Street Okokomaiko, Lagos.
The Sun Newspaper

Azazi’s Funeral: Governors, Ministers, Other Vips Shun Helicopters At Airport

                        Azazi's burial

Scores of very important personalities (VIPs) attending the funeral ceremonies for the immediate past National Security Adviser (NSA),General Andrew Azazi (rtd), in Yenagoa this weekend have been avoiding travelling to the venue by helicopter.

Azazi, the then Governor Patrick Yakowa of Kaduna State and four others died on Saturday, December 15 when the Nigerian Navy Augusta helicopter conveying them from Okoroba,Bayelsa State to Port Harcourt crashed minutes after take-off.
They had attended the burial of Pa Tamunoobebara Douglas, father of the Presidential Special Adviser on Research and Documentation, Mr.Oronto Douglas, in the largely riverine state.

Azazi’s Kinsmen Threaten To Boycott Burial

Some members of the Peretorugbene community in Bayelsa State, the hometown of the late former National Security Adviser, Gen. Andrew Azazi, have warned against burying him in Yenagoa, capital of the state.
Azazi died in a helicopter crash on Dec. 15 alongside Governor Patrick Yakowa of Kaduna State and four others, on his way from the funeral of the father of an aide to President Goodluck Jonathan, Oronto Douglas.
The Bayelsa State Government had pledged to give him a befitting state burial in Yenagoa after a compromise was reportedly reached between the Nigerian Army and family of the late NSA.
But Azazi’s kinsmen, led by Chief A. Ebikake and Tubereoke Azazi, demanded that he should be buried in Peretorugbene in line with the tradition of the people, adding that the entire community would boycott the burial ceremony if the state government went ahead with its plan..

Woman Arrested For Tearing Maid’s Private Part With Razor

                         Police detain woman for tearing  maid’s private part with razor
A middle aged woman, simply identified as Uchenna is cooling her feet at the Onitsha Police Area Command for breaking her maid’s hand and tearing her private part with razor blade. 
A source gathered that the woman allegedlly used a pestle to break her maid’ left hand and inflicted very deep cuts in her private part with a razor blade in the commercial city of Onitsha
The incident took place at Osuma Street where the victim,  Chisom Nwafor is living with her mistress before she was attacked by the suspect. Narrating her ordeal, Chisom, a 10 year old girl from Enugu-Abo in Enugu State said her mistress returned to the house last Sunday morning and started beating her and used razor blade on her private parts. “I was changing her daughter’s dress because she urinated on it.
My madam entered and started shouting on top of her voice and she immediately rushed into the kitchen and collected pestle and hit me severally on my back and she hit me again and broke my left hand, I fell and she entered her room and took a razor blade, tore my pant and started tearing my private part after which she poured pepper inside my private part which was bleeding” she said. Speaking on the incident, the Onitsha Area Commander, Benjamin Wordu described the incident as highest level of inhumanity and said the suspect would pay for her actions.
Mr. Wordu warned parents to always give birth to children they can train instead of giving them out to such women he described as devil incarnates who maltreat vulnerable children under their care. Meanwhile, the suspect, Uchenna shouting from the police cell, denied using razor blade on the victim when this reporter visited the police station.
The Sun Newspaper

2015: “Merger Plans Not A Threat To PDP” – Iwuanyanwu Boasts


Front-line politician and a member, Board of Trustees (BoT) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu has said that the merger plan by leading opposition parties was no threat to PDP come 2015.
He noted that the ruling party would win with greater majority and as well reclaim most of the places it lost in the last election.
The politician-cum-business mogul made this known in a chat with newsmen on Friday in Abuja.
He described the merger plan as a gang up that would neither pull PDP down nor succeed.
His words: “As a democrat, I should sound a note of warning, I have read recently about a gang up of some political parties.
They are not ganging up on the basis of ideology.
“They are ganging up because, they are afraid that unless they gang up, PDP will win the elections in 2015, this is a wrong political calculation,’’ Iwuanyanwu said.
The elder statesman said that political parties were supposed to be group of people with the same ideology and manifestos in order to govern a people and not with intent to pull down another paerty.
He said: “I am in PDP, but I believe that democracy is best practiced when there is a very strong opposition. Democracy without a strong opposition is worthless.
“They are making a mistake, they should tell Nigerians what they can do to change situations not how to pull PDP down, this is a wrong politics,’’
Iwuanyanwu added that the merger plan would soon hit the rocks because of conflicting interests that would be involved, saying that it would be in the interest of the PDP as merger would only make the party stronger.
Iwuanyanwu advised the opposition parties to exercise patience, noting that it took the Labour Party in Britain several years to get to power.

"Robbery Is The Only Job I Can Do"- Arrested Robber Claims

Kolawole (center)and the suspected members of his gand
Kolawole (center)and the suspected members of his gang
 “You again”? This was the question posed by an operative of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Ikeja, Lagos, on sighting a member of a robbery gang that was arrested recently by his colleagues.

The suspect, Kolawole Ajayi, was discovered to have been arrested on two occasions by the Squad for robbery and charged to court. Between 2006 till date, he was discovered to have served five years in jail. But after serving each jail term, rather than turning a new leaf, the recalcitrant suspect would go back to his own vomit, more hardened.

When approached, he stated with every sense of seriousness that robbery was the only job he could do, attributing his act to frustration and greed.

Other Members of the gang
Hear him: “I am a School Certificate holder and also computer literate. I was formerly selling computer and phone accessories at Computer Village but I had no shop. All I was doing then, was to hawk them along the street of Computer Village. That was since 2006. Along the line, I started buying stolen goods and laptops from some of my friends in computer village. You see, most of the items they sell along the street in

Tonto Dike Is Nollywood Controversial Actress of The Year 2012


Whether you believe it or not, Tonto Dikeh is the most controversial actress who rocked Nollywood in the outgoing year.

A product of Next Movie Star, Tonto Dikeh since she hit the limelight few years ago has never seized to be at the centre of controversy. The outgoing year is no different.

Her controversial lifestyle became more glaring this year judging from most of her unbecoming exploits. After the noise generated by her new tattoo last year, Tonto continued with her ‘wild lifestyle’,stepping on people’s toes and damning her critics.

Her newly released singles, Hi and Itz Ova, did not help matters even though the singles became two of the most listened and downloaded tracks, with over 500,000 views.


Dikeh, who joined the bandwagon of other actors who succumbed to the moonlighting itch to delve into music, was lampooned and criticised by her fans for the uninspiring singles.

Yet, she was not deterred. While she was battling to find her feet in the music circle, her foes romantically linked her to the Kukere crooner, Iyanya who squealers said was seeing Ghanaian leggy actress, Yvonne Nelson. For Iyanya and Tonto Dikeh it was all about who has left who for who.

However, this whole saga began when Yvonne Nelson took to the internet to vent her feelings after Iyanya dumped her for Tonto Dikeh. The drama continued unabated until Tonto Dikeh replied Yvonne’s tweet and the two actresses took their rivalry to Blackberry messenger (BBM) where they threw ‘nasty’ insults at each other.


Covenant University Expels 200 Students For Not Attending Church Service

Bishop Oyedepo

*Students beg, Parents react…* School declines comment
*I’m not aware — Prof Okojie, NUC boss

About 200 students may have been expelled by the authorities of Covenant University, Cannanland, Ota, Ogun State, recently for what was described as “disregard of paramount core values.”

Frustrated and angered by the development, some of the affected students who gave account of what happened battled emotions while narrating their situations to Saturday Vanguard recently. They however pleaded with the school authorities to tamper justice with mercy in order to save their future.


Saturday Vanguard investigation revealed that out of the figure, about 126 were expelled for not attending the ‘departure service’, meant to sign off from the school after the end of the Semester and Matriculation of students on November 30. Five other students were thrown out for smoking while unconfirmed source said additional 60 got the same fate for violating other rules bordering on the University’s core values. A few others were given four weeks suspension for failure to sign the head count that was conducted a couple of weeks earlier.

A letter of expulsion signed by the Registrar, Ntia Ubong, a copy which was made available to Saturday Vanguard stated that the affected students contravened Chapter 1, section 30, page 40 of the 2010-2014 Student Handbook.

We gathered that the massive expulsion was predicated on the anger of the Chancellor, Bishop David Oyedepo who was said to have been infuriated after seeing students loitering around when they were supposed to be at the Chapel for the Departure Service.

He was said to have personally chased students to the Chapel and ordered for a search into all the halls and colleges to fish out those who did not attend the service.

Several attempts to get the school authorities comment on the issue proved abortive. The Instituion’s Corporate Affairs Head, Mr Igban Emmaunel also refused to comment as calls pulled through to him were unanswered and text messages not replied.

Meanwhile NUC boss denied that he was not aware while the parents reacts. The affected students are begging.


UPDATE: Kogi State Governor, Idris Wada Flown To National Hospital Abuja.One Leg Reported Broken

Idris Wada has been flown to the National Hospital in Abuja after it was disclosed one of his legs was totally broken as a result of the motor accident in Lokoja today.

The governor is in “serious pains,” the aide, who saw the governor at the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital, said.

The cause of the accident is still unknown. The stretch of road where the accident occurred has no potholes – a major cause of accidents on Nigerian roads.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Police Mistakes Bible For Gun, Kills Man


Law enforcement officials say a police officer in southeastern Brazil shot and killed a garbage collector after mistaking the Bible he was carrying for a gun.

State Police Major Mauricio Jose Raimundo on Friday told reporters that Antonio Marcos dos Santos was stopped by police as he was heading to church in the city of Avare. When he raised his hands a police officer saw a bulge in his pocket and thinking it was a weapon opened fire.

The police officer will remain in detention pending the outcome of an investigation.
The incident occurred Wednesday evening.

Via Iol news

ACN’s Chieftain, Chief Wunmi Adegbonmire, Is Dead!

A chieftain of the Action Congress of Nigeria(ACN) in Ondo State, Chief Wunmi Adegbonmire is dead. He died at 77 Frirday in Akure, the Ondo state capital.

He was State Secretary to Government under the late Governor Adebayo Adefarati and was a member of Afenifere, the Yoruba socio-political group.

The Asiwaju of Akureland reportedly died at about 3:00 am yesterday just two days after his wife Solape celebrated her 75th birthday.

Former governor of Lagos State and ACN leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has described the late politician as one of Nigeria’s most consistent progressive leaders who made invaluable contributions to the evolution of political development in the South-West and Ondo state in particular where he hailed from.

“He led a truly fulfilling and inspiring life. In his loyalty to progressive values and his fidelity to the principles of honor and integrity, he was as constant as the Northern star; as immovable as the rock of Gilbratar.’’
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