Monday, January 14, 2013

21-Year-Old Mother Dumps New Baby In Pit Latrine In Kaduna

A new born baby covered with maggots has been recovered from a pit latrine in Manchok, Kaura Local Government Area, Kaduna State, where its mother had dumped it on Sunday.
Good samaritans, who recovered the dying baby girl, disclosed that they had to break the latrine to remove her.
We gathered that the baby was delivered by a 21-year-old mother, suspected to be a secondary school student, simply identified as Blessing.
Narrating the incident, one Miss Rifkatu John, who runs a beer parlour in the area, said “I was preparing for business around 8 a.m. when I suddenly became pressed but when I stooped to ease myself, I was startled by the cry of a baby.
On discovering that the sound was coming from the pit latrine, she quickly drew the attention of some youths who broke the pit and brought out the child.
A thorough investigation was carried out by residents to fish out the heartless mother and that was how Blessing was caught.
The young mother initially denied that the baby was hers, but after being dealt with, she confessed.
“Blessing was seen coming out of the pit latrine at 7 a.m. with blood stains on her wrapper. We traced her and asked her if it was her baby but she initially denied and only confessed after some boys dealt her some slaps. She confessed it was her baby but again lied that she dumped the baby in the pit latrine because the infant came out already dead.” Mrs. Martina Lucious, a retired nurse, and eyewitness said.
The baby (alive) was rushed to the Manchok Primary Health Care Centre for medical attention, but died at the centre.
A senior community health extension worker at the Health Care centre,
Mrs Batholomena Abba, who confirmed receiving the baby said;
“The baby was brought in with maggots in her mouth, ear, nose and umbilical cord. We were terrified but we did our best to clean her up before the police arrived. When the police came, we advised them to take the child to a medical doctor for proper medical attention because the situation was precarious,” Abba disclosed
The Doctor in charge of the health centre, Dr. Mercy Ationg, also confirmed the incident saying “There was no way a premature birth of seven months could have survived such ordeal, the child had ingested a lot of toxic substances in the latrine. Seven months and in a toilet! It will be a miracle if the baby survived,”
Although Mr Ibrahim Gora, the Divisional Police Officer of Kaura Police Division, was away when the incident occurred, a senior police officer, who pleaded anonymity, confirmed the incident adding that Blessing who is presently in the police custody, would be charged to court soon.

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