Monday, January 14, 2013

Coco Did Cheat On Ice T. More Photos Revealed!!

Coco found herself in some pretty hot water when photos popped up online with her getting all comfy and cozy with unknown rapper, AP 9. Coco has since denied that anything sexual happened between the two and even issued a public apology to her husband, Ice T via her Twitter page. 

AP 9 felt a way about Coco denying that they were together in a Las Vegas nightclub and threatened to expose Coco. Nothing has happened yet and since then, Coco and Ice T have been spotted out on red carpets looking like they have moved past the nonsense. Now, however, it seems that Coco may be right back in the hot seat as a few more photos of her and AP 9 have been released via the internet with AP 9 grabbing a handful of Coco's booty!!! That photo is above. 

Here’s what AP.9′s homey, Moose Diesel, had to say in response to Coco’s plea:
“It’s not a good look for you, not me . You knew what you were doing when you took the pic.”
Here’s what AP.9 exclusively revealed to HSK:
“I took Coco out on a date to Haze nightclub. She brought some friends…some of the crew from Ice Loves Coco even showed up too!
We had a steamy one night stand. I hate being called a liar…cuz I’m not.”

But wait!! It does get worse!! Coco also let another man grab a handful of her cakes and his name is Mustafa Abdi – aka Moose Diesel. You can peep that photo as well as some direct messages from Coco telling Moose Diesel to take the pictures down from his Twitter page: See Photo Below:

                 Coco Being a Whore

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