Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jamie Foxx Refuses to Forgive Nor Visit His Dying Father

Jamie Foxx
 Jamie Foxx's deep dark family secret is that his mom and dad were very young when he was born and they didn't raise him. Instead Jamie was raised by his mother's grandmother while his parents went on with their lives.

Apparently Jamie's never gotten over it...

From The National Enquirer 

Jamie’s 74-year-old father is said to be devastated because the Oscar-winning actor has repeatedly rebuffed efforts to patch up the feud. “We’ve called Jamie several times over the years and left hundreds of messages,” the actor’s stepmother Hellema Abdullah told The ENQUIRER.
“But he has never returned our calls. Now his father is sick with severe scar tissue on his lungs and has to be on oxygen every day. I just wish Jamie would call.”
“Jamie had kept in periodic contact with his father because his grandmother who raised him had encouraged it,” revealed an insider. “But he hasn’t spoken to him since his grandmother died in 2004. Jamie doesn’t plan on calling Shaheed anytime soon. He’s getting revenge by abandoning his father, much like his dad did to him years ago.”
But Hellema insists Shaheed was good to Jamie when he was younger and is baffled why he is still holding a grudge against his dad while helping out his mother Louise.
“His father is going to get worse,” she said, “and Jamie doesn’t care.”

Please Jamie, forgive your parents for the bad thing they did to you. To err is human, to forgive is divine. Please also visit your dying dad, he needs you now than any other moment.

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