Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lara George Reveals ‘Why KUSH Broke Up’

Lara George, Emem Ema and TY Bello at Eko Hotels ans Suites, 2011
Why did the gospel group KUSH break-up? No one has had a definite answer, until now.
Speaking on a talk show on Channels Television, one of the members of the defunct group, Lara George has finally spoken out.
It just happened. We grew apart and it I think it happened for the better’, Lara George on Saturday morning show ‘Sunsrise
Kush is an acronym for Kinetically Ushering Salvation into Hearts and Homes.
The group which was made up of Lara, Emem Ema, TY Bello and an almost silent Dapo Torimiro was disbanded in 2004, with each member going on to pursue solo careers.
Their debut album was titled ‘Experience’.
KUSH was signed to DKG Music, a label operated in Nigeria and the US.
Fans will remember them for their hit singles, ‘Angels by my side’ and ‘Lets live together’.
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