Monday, January 14, 2013

Majek Fashek Goes Missing For Weeks, Returns As A Shadow Of His Old Self


Nigeria’s reggae legend, Majek Fashek who was declared missing in December has returned home.
His present manager and CEO of A-plus Entertainment, Hajia Oluremi Dangaji revealed this to journalists, a few days ago.
The reggae legend was allegedly abducted by a trusted friend who had tried luring him into signing concert deals abroad.
Before now, sick looking Majek Fashek was being managed by A-Plus Entertainment, a record company which rehabilitated him last year after being hospitalised.
According to Dangaji, Majek was due to drop his latest album this week, but he allegedly disappeared from his Gowon Estate apartment since December.
She said that a search party was conducted to fish him out but all efforts prove futiled, until he “resurfaced few days ago looking haggard and pale.”
The CEO claimed that her “company had spent over N35 million to get the reggae master back on track”
“Just as we were getting ready for the release of his latest album scheduled for this month, we got a shocker during the past holidays that he had been kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination by people suspected to be enemies of progress.
While the nightmare lasted, Majek’s former manager called to inform us that he was hospitalised in Lagos. But later, we found out that he was whisked away by one of his friends, to Ghana, who wanted to force him to sign concert deals outside the shores of the country without the consent of his management company.”
However, Majek’s conscience prevented him from doing the bidding of his captors, and thereafter returned to Nigeria.
Presently, Majek has allegedly reverted to his old lifestyle.
Hajai disclosed that “He has become a shadow of his old self, breaking bottles and behaving very abnormal. In fact, he has not been himself since he returned to the country. Right now, he is hospitalised. We are trying to stabilize his condition. That’s why we deem it fit to intimate you about the ugly development.”

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