Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Man Crushed to Death By A Bus In Lagos

•Wife of the deceased being comforted by sympathisers at the scene of the accident. Inset: Body of the man crushed to death by a commuter bus at Ojota, this morning.
Wife of the deceased being comforted by sympathisers at the scene of the accident. Inset: Body of the man crushed to death by a commuter bus at Ojota, this morning.
A middle-aged man who had travelled safely with his wife from Ibadan to Lagos was crushed to death at Ojota, just minutes after alighting from the bus on Tuesday, witnesses said.
He had shunned the pedestrian bridge some metres away only for a commuter bus to crush him.
The couple left Ibadan at about 2.30 p.m. and journeyed safely for about two hours throughout the about 150 kilometre distance between the two states only for the man to be killed minutes on arrival at his final destination at about 4.30 p.m.
Witnesses said the deceased, only identified as Olamide, was about crossing the busy Ikorodu expressway at Ojota area of Lagos, southwest Nigeria, when a speeding yellow commuter bus popularly known as danfo, crushed him, a few metres away from a pedestrian bridge constructed by the government to prevent expressway crossing that results in fatal accidents such as this one.
The bus driver, it was learnt, was fleeing from officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency, LASTMA, who had sighted him plying a BRT lane, a restricted lane not meant for commuter bus drivers.
For some minutes, the man’s wife had thought her husband was by her side. However, after hearing the big bang, she looked back and saw him lying on the road with blood gushing out of his broken head.
It was learnt that because the man did not show any sign of life, coupled with the blood spread all around him, other passersby pronounced him dead right there without any medical report.
Witnesses said there was no attempt to take the man to the hospital since he ‘was no longer breathing.’
The tragic incident took place as the man was attempting to cross the Ikorodu expressway to board a bus going toward Ketu or Ikorodu areas.
The wife wailed uncontrollably and looked at the lifeless body of her husband in disbelief, witnesses said.
Many people held her and tried to console her but no one took her husband to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH, on time to ascertain whether he was actually dead or only unconscious.
Doctors have always said a man who does not seem to be moving after an accident or even breathing may still be alive.
Many people die in Lagos as they try to cross expressways, some even under the pedestrian bridge. The Lagos Sate Government has continually encouraged people to take the pedestrian bridges to avert such disasters.
Many people have also been killed by speeding and reckless commuter bus drivers who are often caught breaking traffic rules or simply fleeing from government officials or area boys (miscreants) attempting to take bribe from them.
The series of such errors and infractions seem to have led to the death of Olamide, who left behind a young wife and probably some little innocent kids.


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