Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Things That Happen Only In Nigerian Movies.

It is only in Nigerian movies that you see the following happen: 

1- A mother travels from the village to Lagos, argues with her son about not having a male child, then back to the village...THE SAME DAY! Abi village dey get airport? 

2- A girl carries the same hairstyle, even after 2 years. (hehehe)

3- You'd see the camera man through the side body of a car or when u look closely into Jim Iyke's huge glasses. 

4- A ghost looks left and right before crossing the road. (hahahaha)

5- Girls wear very short dresses, revealing their bosoms and sky high heels to school...but their lecturers say nothing about it. (ok na!)

6- A woman barges into in a hotel room to catch her husband with another woman. Abi who give her key? 

7- A policeman with 6-rounds revolver keeps shooting at armed robbers more than 20 times. I no know say bullet dey generate itself like DNA 

8- A man wants to send his wife packing, he goes into the room and comes out with about 3 ready packed bags as if the wife had already prepared herself for the event 

9- Jim Iyke raped a girl with her Jean trouser on....how him prick enter ? 

10- John Okafor Aka Mr. Ibu has an injury on the left side of his head but you see him holding the right side of the head! Lmfao. Who are they deceiving? 

Feel free to add your own observations. 

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  1. Na only 4 nollywood u go c guy wey dy act 4 village settin wit mo-hawk,na only 4 nollywood subtitle go write anoda tin d person wey dy act go talk anoda tin,na only nollywood bullet dy pass glass witout breakin go hit person wey dy d oda end