Wednesday, January 16, 2013

UNBELIEVABLE: Student Forced Out Of The Library By The Police For “Obsessive Studying”


Police were called to remove a student from school – because he wouldn't stop revising.(this means they arrested the student for too much reading!! is this possible in Naija). 

School bosses dialled 999 after 18-year-old A-level student Jamie Gagliardi refused to leave the premises. 

He had arrived at the school early to prepare for an upcoming psychology exam. 

However, when teachers asked him to leave, Jamie – who has been predicted straight As – refused to budge from his books. 
The cops were called and the teen was escorted off the premises. His mum later came to pick him up. 

Unhappy Jamie said: "I've been punished for wanting to do well. I am a hard-working, dedicated student. 

"the college has overreacted in what is probably the most important week of my school life." 

The swot went on to explain that he was given a one-day ban from the premises last Wednesday for interrupting the headteacher during a meeting. 

This meant he was not allowed in the next day, but Jamie claimed he had "nowhere else to revise" as he does not have a computer at home. 

Bosses at the school, rated good by Ofsted in February, said the student was "obsessed" with after-school tuition and they had to call the authorities because he was causing a nuisance by refusing to leave the grounds. 

Marilyn Evans, director of administration at Ifield Community College in Crawley, West Sussex, said Jamie was very bright, but added: "He was causing a nuisance and a disturbance. 

"He became irritated that he couldn't have after-school revision, which he seems to be obsessed with. 

"He probably feels that without extra sessions he won't get the grades he wants, but he will. He is a top student." 

Police said Jamie will not face charges. 

(Mirror UK)

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