Monday, January 21, 2013

War of Words: Blogger Ngozika Nwiro Replies Cossy Orjiakor

The war of words between Cossy and Ngozika Nwiro has taken a worse dimension as Ngozi has written yet another open letter to Cossy, this time, lengthier than the former. When will this drama end?
See letter below….
Hello Cossy Orjiakor, I am not surprised by your response to the open letter I addressed to you and Tonto Dikeh some days back, instead, I am greatly amazed, disappointed and at the same time feeling sorry for my dear country Nigeria, after reading the various responses from people, especially your presumed fans.
It is more disheartening to know that majority of today Nigerians, especially the youths prowling on the internet in search of innocent and vulnerable ladies to exploit, didn���t see anything bad, obscene or indecent with your actions on the internet (posting your half-nude pictures online).
I do not blame you, and neither do I blame some of the people backing your no-longer entertaining indecent lifestyle online and in real life, but I blame our society, I blame our authority, I blame our censorship agency, and I blame the entire world of Nigerian entertainment industry for belittling so low just to appear western.
I took out time to go through comments on your twitter response to my open letter addressed to you, posted by Linda Ikeji on her personal blog, and I felt better because it just seemed that more reasonable people responded to the letter than they did on nairaland , Ladun Liadi���s blog , and others.
You called me a low life, and I cannot start thwarting tongues with you because you may or may not be right, but just take my candid advice and you will be richly blessed more than you think you are, in no distant time from now.
Don���t listen to those cheering you up- Go! Go! Go! Cossy! They are only cheering your soon to come downfall and they will also be there to laugh at you, so be wise dear, you can still be famous while being modest and living a decent life, believe me you can achieve that if you decide to from today.
I know that I am not as popular as you, and neither am I a celebrity like you and your cohorts, but that doesn���t matter anyway, what matters is the end, and please for the record, I do not envy you because I only envy my role models- men and women who are making great and positive impacts on the lives of people; you ought to know some of them.
You bragged about promoting Nigeria���s image internationally, and I am still laughing at that ridiculous statement, if only you and your counterparts know the harm you guys are causing to our dear nation and to your own images, then you guys will change for good soonest.
Dear Cossy, African women are known with pride, dignity and honor, and not what you are doing presently- displaying your indecent pictures and all in public to gain popularity, gosh, you ought to be crying by now if at all you and others who engage in similar acts are still in your good African woman senses. Remember, any woman can do even more than what you are doing and still get famous, but they chose not to because they have pride and integrity, and that alone should make you think twice about yourself and your present lifestyle my dear.
Cossy, you nor Tonto Dikeh, nor any other NOLLYWOOD actress are not in any way the best people that can act films or movies as the case may be in Nigeria, you people are only fortunate to become actresses by the special grace of God Almighty, because there are thousands if not millions of ladies who can act even better than you and others, but they didn���t or haven���t gotten the opportunity that you guys got via God���s grace, so don���t abuse it, instead, you ladies should be grateful and thankful to God Almighty for the rare opportunity He gave to you all to become role models to so many youths, and how can you ladies show God appreciation if not by using your stardom to preach good moral conducts?
If I am not mistaken, sometime last year, a young girl after watching Tonto Dikeh display a tattoo she drew on her back, went and drew one on her own back, which goes a long way to show that you actresses are role models to so many Nigerian youths of today, please, why not use the opportunity to educate the youths, and enlighten them for good? Most you ladies in the entertainment industry exploit today youths��� myopic thinking and vulnerability to immorality to make money and fame?
Women are supposed to be the role models in every society. Yes, people complain that Nigerian men of our generation are bad, that they are no longer faithful, trustworthy, and all of that, but you guys forgot that it is the women that have spoilt the men through their wayward lifestyles. A married man signs into his twitter and facebook account to check his business and other updates, and the first thing that comes into display is Cossy Orjiakor and duo posing half naked in different postures. Okay, the man signs off and switches on his office television, and the next thing that comes on is a musical video where you and your likes are dancing around half naked in the music video, claiming to have made a wonderful video. The same applies to when he decides to watch a home video���so tell me why he wouldn���t be thinking of having sex all the time with the way you ladies in the entertainment industry keep displaying yourselves indecently to gain popularity?
You ladies via your numerous NOLLYWOOD indecent films and online attitudes have destroyed the moral pride of Nigerians- today, every Nigerian girl wants to live waywardly like their favorite NOLLYWOOD actresses and musical video vixens, and you guys are smiling and feeling on top, not knowing that doom may befall you all for misleading the entire nation?
What happened to using your popular status to educate Nigerian female youths on the dangers of indecent dressing, immoral lifestyle, HIV/AIDS, campus prostitution, corporate prostitution, and even teach them how to become good fashion and entertainment entrepreneurs?
What would happen if most of you use your popular statuses as movie and music stars to change the world for good? You ladies are daily discouraging men from marriage. You ladies in the movie, music and other entertainment industries are ignorantly discouraging men from being decent and at the same time promoting infidelity amongst married men and immorality amongst the single youths.
You ladies in the entertainment industries- movie, music, etc have ignorantly turned Nigeria upside down with your ignorant attitudes to gain fame and wealth. Yes, you may not care, but now we care, the nation cares, mothers out there cares, our censorship body now cares, Godly Nigerians cares and God your creator cares, and if you ladies refuse to change this year, you will see what God can do.
I have passed my message, and to those who think I wrote the initial letter to get people to visit my blog, believe it or not, you are wrong because I was only inspired by something that I cannot even explain, and for your own notices, I may not be as popular as Linda Ikeji in blogging, but I am not a pauper, and neither is my blog lacking traffic- even though my visitors hardly comment, but my traffic is not as abominable as you may think, and for your own last information, I am a talented writer with international reputation, and I have more of global audience more than Nigerian audience simply because Nigerians only appreciate irrelevant gossips that add nothing of value to their personal lives, hence their resorting to visiting and commenting only on blogs that have nothing else to offer to them aside irrelevant gossips and topic discussions. If you care to be informed in a positive way that will help you build your career, dream, relationship, and more, then you ought to be a regular visitor of Ng Blog.
I take my leave, and I dust my feet.

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