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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chris and Karrueche Pop Up With Draya

This Must be Karrueche's week.

While Rihanna is busy prepping for her Diamond World tour Chris Brown turned up at ex-girlfriend Draya's birthday party with Karrueche Tran.

Omarion was also present. See more photos below:





Meet Teen Tennis Star, Sloane Stevens, Who Beats Idol Serena Williams in Aussie Open

SloaneStevens Teen Tennis Star Sloane Stevens Beats Idol Serena Williams in Aussie Open
Sloane Stevens
 If you’ve never heard of Sloane Stevens, it’s about time you get familiar. Just askSerena Williams.

The 19-year-old made headlines this week for beating her Wimbledon winning idol at Tuesday’s Australian Open.
During a press conference before the match, Stevens weighed in on going against the woman whose picture has been on her bedroom wall since she was a little girl:
“[The next match] just happens to be Serena. She’s obviously one of the greatest players to ever play the game.  Without all that, it’s still a tennis match … The court’s the same size. You’re still playing a regular person across the net. You’ve just got to go out and play.”
As the daughter of a former NFL playing father and a mother who qualified for the Olympic Trials in swimming, there’s no question where the Florida native gets her athletic drive from.
Peep a snap taken of both Sloane and Serena after the teen’s impressive win below:

                    ab52336c 3e29 3f51 a1fd 1c3cdcb27cdc zps93d1a80e Teen Tennis Star Sloane Stevens Beats Idol Serena Williams in Aussie Open
 Congrats to her on the win!

Dr. Sid New, Hot, Photos

One of the Marvins' artiste, Dr. Sid is giving his fans a sneek peek into his 'sexyrization part'. 

See More Photos Below:



PHOTOS: Annie Idibia and Her Pretty Daughter

Wife to 2face idibia, Annie, posted this photo of herself and her daughter having a nice time at the spa.

Sources say Annie is really close to her daughter, some say she looks at her daughter as a friend and sister.


9 Year Old Actress, Quvenzhané Wallis, Covers Entertainment Weekly


Quvenzhané Wallis, the 9-year-old Academy Award nominated actress for Beasts of the Southern Wild covers the special Oscar issue of “Entertainment Weekly.”
The young actress has put Hollywood on notice and describes herself as a triple threat.  ”That means you do three things and try to do it at once. Like a 3-in-1 shampoo, Yup, I’m a 3-in-1. Triple threat!

Black Father And White Mother, And Their Four Children Who All Look Completely Different From Each Other

Tess and Chris Giddings knew when they started a family they would be making an inevitable contribution to multicultural Britain.

What they didn’t expect was that they’d start their own melting pot.
For the children produced by the blue-eyed blonde and her black-skinned husband cover just about every spectrum of the inter-racial rainbow.
Or, as Chris proudly describes it: ‘We’re like a box of chocolates – dark ones, brown ones and white ones.’ 

The couple’s remarkable brood includes a daughter who shares mum’s fair skin and eye colour; her golden complexioned sister; their olive-skinned big brother; and the latest arrival, a button-nosed, black baby boy who looks just like dad.

Precisely how they ended up with four such different children is doubtless of great interest to geneticists, but it came as a surprise to Tess, a former model, and Chris, a store supervisor. 

At one stage they even wondered whether daughter Amiah, the palest on the Giddings family colour chart, might have been switched at birth with another child at Colchester General Hospital.
Yet the couple’s attitude to  rainbow family life is refreshingly black and white. 
‘We couldn’t care less what colour they are,’ said Tess, 24. ‘They are  a great joy to us and we couldn’t  be happier.’ 

After their first child, Jacob, now six, was born at Southend General Hospital in Essex, Tess and Chris, from Colchester, watched him develop into a perfect blend of his parents – with olive skin, blue eyes, and soft, curly brown hair.

Savannah, now four, was born at the same hospital and looked almost identical to her big brother as a baby, but is growing up with slightly paler skin and lighter hair. 

Then along came Amiah. ‘When she was born we only got a quick glimpse of her because her blood sugar level was so low, and she was whisked away for treatment before a wristband could be put  on her,’ said Tess.

‘When she came back an hour  or so later, and I got a proper  look at her, I couldn’t believe how white she was. 

‘I said to Chris: “Do you think they’ve given us the wrong baby?” Chris never for one moment thought I’d cheated on him. He was my first boyfriend, we’re happily married and there was never any doubt about that. 

'It's so nice having children who are all a bit different. They are all gorgeous and we love them all the same', said Tess Giddings
‘The question was: was she switched? We knew it was unlikely but you do hear about it. 

‘People kept coming up to me in the street asking if my children had different fathers. I’d never ask anyone that, but people were very blatant.’ To rule out any doubt about a hospital mix-up, the couple agreed to a DNA test. It proved Amiah was 100 per cent Giddings. But baby Zion was about to make the mix even more diverse. 

He was born a year ago with dark skin, black curly hair and brown eyes. ‘When we first saw him, Chris nearly fell over,’ said Tess. 
‘He took one look at him in the delivery room and said: “Oh my god, he’s black!” The midwife just stared at him in astonishment and said: “You do know you’re a black man, don’t you?” 
‘We were laughing and Chris said: “You don’t understand – I have one child who is completely white!”.’ 

Chris, 33, was born in Britain two years after his parents emigrated from Nairobi, Kenya.

Tess said: ‘Zion has got darker and is the only one with brown eyes. He has completely got Chris’s genes, whereas Amiah has got whiter. She has straight, blonde hair and light blue eyes. 

‘It’s so nice having children  who are all a bit different. They  are all gorgeous and we love them all the same.’ 

Aside from an occasional raised eyebrow, the family has never encountered racism. 

‘Thankfully, most people are  colour blind these days,’ added Tess. ‘Our children are living proof of that.’



Happy Birthday Jose Mourinho, Clocks 50 Yrs(+ 50 Facts About Mourinho)

Jose Mourinho
 José Mário dos Santos Mourinho Félix or simply José Mourinho was born 26 January 1963. He is a Portuguese football manager, currently the head coach of Real Madrid. He is commonly known as "The Special One". Mourinho is regarded by some players, coaches, and critics as one of the best football coaches of all time.

Happy Birthday Jose Mourinho.
Like him or hate him, no one will argue that Mourinho bought more fame, emotions, goals celebrating method(picture) and history of football will never be complete without mentioning Jose Mourinho. 

See the list of 50 facts you may not know about Jose Mourinho:

1 - Where better place to start when discussing Mourinho's life than at the No.1. Upon arriving at Chelsea in 2004 from Porto the talented coach gave a press conference in which he said,"Please don't call me arrogant, but I'm European champion and I think I'm a special one,” much to the joy of the waiting reporters. The self-proclaimed moniker has accompanied him ever since. 

2 -  Mourinho led Real Madrid to the Liga title for the first time in four seasons in 2011-12, and during the campaign they broke a number of domestic records. Their 100 points was the highest ever tally, as was the 121 goals they scored. Their positive goal difference of 89 was also a new high, along with their 16 away wins and 32 overall wins. 

3 - The number of weeks Jose told the Italian press it took him to learn Italian after agreeing to take the Inter job in 2008.

4 - The 2011-12 Liga title represented a significant milestone for Mourinho, as it meant he had won the league title in Portugal, England, Italy and Spain, each of the four countries in which he had coached.

5 - In a letter he sent to each of the Chelsea squad soon after arriving at the club, he wrote an equation at the bottom with five words in it:

"Motivation + Ambition + Team + Spirit = SUCCESS"

6 - In 2009, Mourinho received a doctorate from Lisbon's Technical University for his accomplishments in professional football. He had graduated from the university more than 20 years beforehand with a degree in physical education and sport. 
7 - The number of players Mourinho thought his Inter side needed to beat Milan in January 2010. Wesley Sneijder was sent off for Inter during the game, although they still went on to win the derby 2-0. Afterwards their coach said: "We were perfect. We would have won this game even with seven men. Maybe with six we would have struggled, but we would have won with seven."

8 - When told by a Spanish journalist that he has been named the ninth most influential person in world by AskMen, Mourinho replied: "What position is my wife in? Eighth, at least. That is crazy. I’m not even in charge of my own home …"

9 - The number of years he went unbeaten at home in league matches. Between losing 3-2 to Beira-Mar as Porto coach in February 2002 and Real Madrid's 1-0 loss to Sporting Gijon in April 2011, Mourinho had won 125 matches and drawn 25 in an unbelievable run of games that lasted nine years and one month. 

10 - In the build-up to Real Madrid's Champions League semi-final clash against Barcelona he stoked the flames between the two sides by claiming his team would practice playing with 10 men as referees always sent his players off when he faced Barcelona. 

"I have to train with 10 men [to prepare for the Barcelona semi-final], how to play with 10 men, because I go there with Chelsea, I finish with 10, I go there with Inter, I finish with 10 and I have to train to play with 10 men because it can happen again."

In the 2-0 first-leg loss at the Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid had Pepe sent off. 

Mourinho is welcomed to Madrid by Florentino Perez

11 - Mourinho won the inaugural Ballon d'Or Best Coach award in 2010. 

12 - He is reportedly paid €12.3m annually by current club Real Madrid. His contract is set to expire in 2016, despite rumours linking him with a move back to England. 

13 - According to his mother, Maria Julia, Jose did not suddenly become a perfectionist when he started coaching, having shown signs when he was very young of his desire for things to be neat and organised.

"He was a perfectionist from his early days," she says. "At the age of five he would go to school with all his pens, crayons and ruler perfectly ordered and cased in his satchel."

14 - The percentage of possession that Mourinho's Inter side had in the second leg of their Champions League semi-final against Barcelona at Camp Nou in 2010. Inter lost that match 1-0, but progressed to the final 3-2 winners on aggregate. 

15 - Jose's mother, Maria Julia, wanted him to become a businessman when it became clear he wasn't going to succeed as a professional footballer, and when he was 23 she signed him up for a business school. He quit after a day.
16 - 
In 2007, Mourinho was issued a police caution after allegedly refusing to allow police to quarantine his pet dog, Leya. Having rushed home from an awards ceremony following a tip-off from his wife, according to eyewitnesses the then-Chelsea coach freed the animal from the hands of the health officials and encouraged it to run off down the street.

17 - Before he became a coach, Mourinho was a PE teacher in Portugal. According to one of his former pupils he was an immediate hit with female students. "Until he arrived no girls ever wanted to do PE, but suddenly nobody was asking for a doctor's sick note," she recalled.

18 - According to Rui Faria, Mourinho's fitness coach at Porto, Chelsea, Inter and now Real Madrid, the 50-year-old learned a valuable coaching tip when attending a course led by Andy Roxburgh at the Scottish Football Association while he was still coach of the youth team at Vitoria Setubal. Roxburgh emphasised to Mourinho the importance of having your players face away from the sun when talking to them so they would not be blinded by the light.

19 - In 2005 he was selected as the New Statesman's Man of the Year.

20 - Mourinho was fined and given a three-match ban by the Italian Football Association in February 2010 after making a handcuffs gesture towards a camera following the dismissals of two of his Inter players in the first half of a Serie A match against Sampdoria. 

21 - The day after winning the Champions League with Inter, Mourinho said he was "sad, as almost for sure it's my last game with Inter." He went on to add: "If you don't coach Real Madrid then you will always have a gap in your career." A week later Real Madrid announced Mourinho as their new coach. 

22 - In 2005 he donated a jacket to be auctioned to help raise money for Tsunami Relief and other charities. Organiser Marc Thompson revealed that one bidder paid €25,800 for Mourinho's coat at the fundraiser, which was held at Stamford Bridge.

23 - His favourite actor is Anthony Hopkins, the star of the Hannibal Lecter trilogy. 

24 - The age Mourinho ended his playing career, after making 94 appearances during spells at Rio Ave, Belenenses, Sesimbra and Comercio e Industria.

25 - Upon being unveiled at Real Madrid, Mourinho addressed his on-going feud with the club's Liga rivals Barcelona. "If I am hated at Barcelona, it is their problem but not mine. Fear is not a word in my football dictionary," he said. In 24 matches against Barcelona for Chelsea, Inter and Madrid the Portuguese trainer does not have a brilliant record, having won six, drawn eight and lost 10.

26 - Despite his current distaste for the Catalan side, it was not always that way. Mourinho acted as assistant to Bobby Robson and then Louis van Gaal during a three-year spell at the club between 1996-99, and also applied to be coach in 2008 after leaving Chelsea.

27 - The length in pages of the PowerPoint document that Mourinho presented during his unsuccessful interview for the Barcelona job in Lisbon in 2008. 

28 - After taking the Porto job in January 2002, Mourinho steered the club to a third place finish in the Primeira Liga, then promised the club's hierarchy that he would "make Porto champions next year."  Sure enough, they won the 2002-03 league with a record points tally of 86.  

29 - The age he became Sir Bobby Robson's translator at Benfica in 1992. He would go on to work with the former England manager at Porto and then Barcelona.

30 - Mourinho does not have a good relationship with the current Sporting Lisbon coach Jesualdo Ferreira, after the two clashed a number of times during his time in Portugal. One of the birthday boy's most memorable early quotes likened Ferreira to a donkey.

"One is a coach with a 30-year career, the other with a three-year one. The one with 30 years has never won anything; the one with three years has won a lot. The one with a 30-year career will be forgotten when he ends it; the one with three could end it right now and he could never be erased from history. This could be the story of a donkey who worked for 30 years but never became a horse." 

31 - When asked about how he would work alongside the Chelsea chairman Roman Abramovich when he joined the London-based club in 2004, he famously replied: "I don't have to control Mr Abramovich. He has to control me."

32 - Jose met his wife Tami when he was a teenager, before they married in 1989 when he was 26. They have two children, a daughter called Matilde and a son called Jose Mario Jr.
 33 - After being banned by Uefa for Chelsea's two-legged Champions League quarter-final against Bayern Munich in the 2004-05 season, it was claimed that Mourinho arrived at Stamford Bridge early and hid in the dressing room in order to give the pre-match and half-time team-talk, before then being wheeled out of the ground in a laundry basket in order to avoid being seen.

34 - Upon winning his second Premier League title with Chelsea in 2006, Mourinho threw his winners medal into the crowd at Stamford Bridge. He was given a replacement medal minutes later, but it too suffered a similar fate. One of the lucky fans to catch a medal later sold it at auction for €19,720. 

35 - In 2009-10 during his second season at Inter, Mourinho let the San Siro side to the first Italian treble of Serie A, the Coppa Italia and the Champions League. It was also the first time Inter had won the European Cup since 1965. 

36 - By winning that Champions League with Inter he also became only the third coach in history to win the tournament with two different teams, with Ernst Happel and Ottmar Hitzfield the two others to achieve that feat. 

37 - Jose was born in 1963. Notable other moments associated with football that occurred in that year include the formation of the Bundesliga in West Germany, and Santos' 5-3 aggregate Copa Libertadores win over Boca Juniors. The Brazilian club were inspired by a certain 23-year-old forward going by the name of Pele. 

38 - His father, Jose Manuel Mourinho Felix, was a professional footballer and was capped once by Portugal in 1972. 

39 - Mourinho speaks Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, English and Catalan.

40 - In recent years many figures in world football have labelled Mourinho as the best coach in the world, including Wesley Sneijder, Karim Benzema, Deco, Iker Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo. Legendary AC Milan boss Arrigo Sacchi also described him as "a phenomenon."

41 - "I could write a book of 200 pages of my two years at Inter with Mario Balotelli," said Mourinho in 2012. Player and coach enjoyed a turbulent relationship at San Siro, with the Italian striker once being warned at half-time of a game against Rubin Kazan not to pick up a second yellow card by his coach, only to then be sent off in the 46th minute.

42 - In 2010 Mourinho was fined €40,000 by Uefa after appearing to issue instructions via Jerzy Dudek and Iker Casillas to Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso that resulted in the latter two players being sent off in Real Madrid's 4-0 Champions League win over Ajax. Having been sent off the two were then suspended for the last Champions League group match against Auxerre with qualification to the knockout stages already secured, and then had a clean slate for the last-16.

43 - The 50-year-old tasted defeat outside football in 2004, when an unofficial biography about him called O Vencedor - De Setubal a Stamford Bridge became a bestseller in Portugal despite his attempts to stop it being published.

44 - At the end of 2011 Mourinho was named Rockstar of the Year by the Spanish edition ofRolling Stone magazine and featured on the front cover of their December edition. 

45 - In August 2011 Mourinho managed to escape punishment following an ugly melee at the end of the Supercopa second leg against Barcelona, despite being seen poking the eye of the then Barca assistant coach Tito Vilanova. In the aftermath of the incident he went on to call Tito "Pito", a Spanish slang term for penis.  
46 - Controversial Paris Saint-Germain striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who played under Mourinho at Inter, described the Portuguese coach positively in his autobiography I Am Zlatan.

“Jose Mourinho is a big star…He’s cool. The first time he met [my wife] he whispered to her: ‘Helena, you have only one mission. Feed Zlatan, let him sleep, keep him happy!’ The guy says what he wants. I like him.”

47 - 
When Jose departed Inter to join Real Madrid he was caught on camera wishing one of his most loyal players, Marco Materazzi, a tearful farewell before jumping in the back of a car and leaving Milan. 

48 - 
In 2004, Mourinho revealed that four years earlier he had turned down an offer from Sir Bobby to be his assistant at Newcastle, even though the Englishman also suggested he would step down after two years to allow his friend to take over at St James' Park.

"Since Bobby suspected I wouldn't accept it, he told me it would only be for a year, two tops, and that at the end of that time I would be head coach and he club manager. I didn't take him up on his offer, knowing sooner or later, my time would come."

49 - 
Mourinho's Spanish Supercopa victory in 2012 made him the first man to win the national Super Cup in four different countries.

50 - 
The number of years that had passed since Chelsea had won their last league title when Mourinho led them to the 2004-05 Premier League. 


Tonto Dikeh Confesses Her Love For Terry G

If you’re a follower of the Nollywood goddess on twitter handler, you would have noticed that she has included something in her profile.
Read this, “Who eva said Succezz waz a slow procezz waz mos defntly not talking abt Mii/Businezz tycoon/Nollywood Actress*#IAMPOKO#Teamlovethyself#I luv TerryG.”
Need we say more? She has recently included her last line and I hope Terry G feels the same she does.
Meanwhile, a close friend of the sultry actress said that she and Terry G will make a good companion. Reason being that, Terry G is a drug addict and Tonto, being a drunk, would make her the perfect partner.

Five Indian Sailors Kidnapped Off Nigeria Regain Their Freedom

The five Indian sailors kidnapped off the coast of Nigeria last month, have been released. This was disclosed by the vessel’s operating company on Saturday.
Pirates looted the SP Brussels, an oil and chemicals tanker, on December 17 about 40 miles off the coast of the Niger Delta, a vast wetlands region home to Africa’s largest energy industry.
“Five crew members who were taken from the vessel by armed men … have been released,” Medallion Marine said in a statement. “All five are reported to be in good health after their ordeal.”
The company did not give details on how they were freed but ransoms have been known to be paid in the past. The Nigerian Navy had no immediate comment.

OMG: Nigerian Student Beheads Five Neighbours On His Graduation Day


People of Tse-Alaaigyu, Ikyaghev district of Naka, Gwer West local government area of Benue State are yet to come out of the shock and unbelief that trailed the heinous killings of five of their kinsmen by a lunatic, Edwin Gyado, who suddenly ran amok and beheaded his unsuspecting victims.

Edwin, a 27 year old graduate of the Calvin College of Education where he bagged an NCE had a history of insanity which also runs in his family.
Saturday Vanguard gathered from sources in Naka the local government headquaters that the culprit popularly called Nomjov slaughtered some his victims at the Naka earth dam, just few metres from their homes and the site of his local block molding industry.
Our source disclosed that the culprit had over a long period of time, suffered from mental derangement and was taken to the Makurdi Federal Medical Centre where he was treated of his insanity and discharged.
But unknown to his people, the young man relapsed into insanity again until he ran amok, killing his brothers, a woman and children in the community.
It was gathered that he had invited some his victims to the earth dam and the factory site pretending that he wanted something interesting to show his victims but ended up slaughtering them.
Though members of the community meted out jungle justice on the insane young man by beating him to death in revenge for the bizarre killings of his victims, his elder brother, Daniel Gyado, a health worker at the local government secretariat told Saturday Vanguard that Edwin lived a normal life and interacted very well with the people until his mental derangement.
Daniel recalled that on Saturday 19th January, 2013, Edwin complained bitterly to him that his in-laws were pressurizing him to complete the bride price on his wife which according to him was a directive from the gods.
He said, “When he told me that, I encouraged him not to be worried by their complaint and assured him that we would pay his wife’s bride price after consultations with the village head”.
Daniel added that he was however shocked a day later when someone called to inform him that his younger brother had gone on rampage in the village, killing five persons including a woman and her daughter whom he hacked to death.
“I could not believe it and so, set out to look for him. Someone told me that he was spotted at Imande village, some few minutes from here, but later I discovered that a mob had killed him at the Makurdi road in Naka town”, Daniel said.
Narrating how the man killed one of his victims, Zaki Tor Gbenda who was a childhood friend of the insane young man before his death said Edwin hacked a 30 year old Mrs. Nyishima Tyosue a native of Tse-Dzwatema, Mbayoondu, Gbaange/ Tongov to death.
“The murdered woman was my uncle’s wife. I watched from afar as the woman pursued Edwin with a stick after he had killed his nine- year old son Terhile Tyosue with a matchet. Her strength failed her and she fell down. Edwin who she was chasing suddenly came after her, caught up with her and ordered her to kneel down. And in a jiffy, I saw him chop off the woman’s head with the machet. I shouted and he ran after me”, Zaki said as he fought back tears.
Hitherto, the lunatic had invited his 15 year old brother, Iorguma to his block moulding site on the pretense that he wanted to show him something. While there, he chopped off his brother’s head. It was gathered that the insane man suddenly started pursuing people on the streets and a community earth dam where he caught up with a 10 year old Dangote Samuel of Tse-Uchough Nyamshi village and another nine- year old Joy Ortwav both of whom he seriously injured with his machete but later died at the Federal Medical center, Apir. “After this last killing, the people became aware of his escapades, so youths in the village mobilized themselves and searched the entire village until they caught him where he was hiding in a bush in a nearby village.
”They had contemplated taking him to the police but they finally resolved to mete out jungle justice on him by beating him to death”.
Commenting on the unfortunate incident, Chairman of Gwer West local council, Mrs. Eunice Mbajwa who described the incident as horrifying said she could not comprehend the unfortunate killings.
“For sometime now, I’ve not been able to sleep well nor have I been able to resume work, it’s indeed saddening. But generally, we have ensured that peace prevailed in the entire community”, Mrs. Mbajwa said.
At the time of visiting the troubled village, some youths were seen digging the grave for the deceased mad man while his shocked wife who had been sobbing uncontrolably managed to utter these words, “my husband was a nice man. I never envisaged that he would commit such an act.”
Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, in charge of the state,Deputy Superintendent of Police Daniel Ezeala who also confirmed the incident, decried the villagers resort to jungle justice but added that the command was investigating the matter to ascertain if the man was actually insane.

AFCON: Ivory Coast Defeats Tunisia 3-0

Arsenal forward, Gervinho scored midway through the first half to set up Ivory Coast for a convincing 3-0 win over Tunisia Saturday in Group D of the Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa.
Coach Sabri Lamouchi dropped captain Didier Drogba from his starting line-up with the former Chelsea striker coming on during the second half of a tense top-of-the-table clash settled by late Yaya Toure and Didier Ya Konan goals.
With this victory, Les Éléphants are almost in the next stage of the tournament, and will go through if they avoid defeat in their next group game, however Tunisia now face a gruelling struggle to win the next qualifying place.

TRAGEDY: Man Allegedly Kills His Mother With An Axe In Kwara

Tragedy occurred on Friday in Isanlu-Isin in Kwara, when a middle-aged man, Taye Ibiwoye, allegedly clubbed his mother to death with an axe, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.
NAN reports that the deceased identified as Sarah Ibiwoye, who was said to be in her late sixties, died instantly from the attack which shattered her skull.
The community was further thrown into mourning when another elderly woman, simply identified as `Iya Eleja’ slumped and died when the news of Sarah’s death was broken to her.
NAN learnt from the people of the community that the accused was mentally derailed and had been under treatment for sometime.
Some sources, who preferred anonymity, said that Ibiwoye had complained to the policemen who came for his arrest from Oke-Onigbin that his mother was behind his travails.
He was also said to have told the policemen that while his brothers were living comfortably, he was rotting away in abject poverty because of his mother’s action.
A relation to Iya Eleja, told NAN on condition of anonymity, that the woman was hale and hearty before the unfortunate incident.
“We have just come back from Omu-Aran where we went to buy the woman’s coffin. There was nothing wrong with Iya Ejeja who was hale and hearty before the news was broken to her.
“Immediately the news of the incident was narrated to her, she slumped and died,” the source said.
The Divisional Police Officer, Oke-Onigbin Police Command, DSP. Mr Olutekunbi Ekundayo, told NAN that the case would be transferred to the State CID Headquarters in Ilorin for investigation.
“There is not much we can do here as far as this case is concerned, particularly as regards the issue of the accused person’s state of health.
“Though, it was a case of a culpable homicide but as you can see now, I am preparing the file for the transfer of the case to the State CID for appropriate investigation,” he said.

Beyonce Launches Her Own Blog: “The BeyHive”

Blog seems to be the easiest way for any person, brand or company to reach out to his or her fans more conveniently, and in recent times, this aspect of the world wide web has witnessed a swift breakthrough, with blog owners otherwise known as bloggers, earning lots of money via their blogs.

Following this trend, the popular American female singer, and wife to the richest American music rapper, Jay Z, in the person of Beyonce, has finally launched her own personal blog, which she nicknamed- "BeyHive"

The blog gives Beyonce a medium to express her thoughts and imaginations with her fans.

In a public statement published on her official website Beyonce says that The BeyHive Blog is the place where she will share all the things that inspire her everyday, as she sees them.

The blog is a pretty good idea and let’s hope Beyonce is going to post good and inspirational content.

However, the only thing which is rather inappropriate which was noticed on the blog, which seems very odd, is that the blog also has a “Donate” section in the left column, where visitors are being kindly asked to donate money to support The BeyHive blog.

Don’t you think this is a bit weird considering that Beyonce is, after all, a millionaire ? And her husband, Jay-Z, is one too.

Do you think Beyonce’s “donate” section is the right thing to do?

Popular Actress Lepa Shandy Welcomes Baby Girl

Lepa Shandy
Popular actress, Lepa Shandy, was recently delivered of a baby girl. 

This is her second child with her husband, Adedayo David Adewale.
See the photo below:
We congratulate them both.

“I Caught My Husband Pants Down With Our Neighbour’s Wife” - Wife

”He didn’t make love to me for eight months. ”After our wedding, I stayed for five years without an issue. Throughout the period, life was unbearable for me. ”I developed high blood pressure in the process but my husband did not feel concerned.”
These were part of the testimony of a 39-year-old woman who urged an Agege Grade ‘B’ Customary Court to dissolve her 11-year-old marriage over battery and threat to life.
Mrs Oluwatosin Abiodun, a trader, of 5, Bemil Street, Ojodu, told the court that her husband treated her like a slave and made life unbearable for her.
”I lived in hell on earth. I lived in fear, pains and anguish. I kept all these to myself because I didn’t want my home to break”, Oluwatosin said in her evidence-in-chief.
”The worst part of it was that my husband was dating a neighbour’s wife and even brought her to my matrimonial home and I caught them pants down.
”My husband is now married and the other woman is right inside his house. ” While with him, he would beat me with iron rod. He pampered me when I was delivered of a baby, after that, he resumed his beating habits. “I am tired of the marriage.
I want the court to end the union and grant me custody of the children. The 42-year-old husband, Olatunji Abiodun, an engineer, did not appear in court. Meanwhile, the court president, Mr Emmanuel Shokunle, adjourned the case till Feb. 19 for judgment.

Third Mainland Bridge Accident: Driver Identified, FRSC Attributes Accident To Overspeeding


The driver of the Toyota Siena, that veered off the Third Mainland Bridge, has been identified as Shola Oladimeji.
He was pulled out from the Lagos Lagoon alive, by some of the Ilaje fishermen and immediately rushed to the Lagos State Teaching Hospital in Ikeja.
Sources say that Oladimeji, was the only one in the vehicle, with registration number, BB 974 EKY.
The FRSC confirmed that overspeeding was the cause of the accident and that it took a little over an hour for emergency response agencies to respond to the distress call.

PSquare on Cover Page of Hip Hop World Magazine


Kate Henshaw Is The New Samsung Ambassador

41-year-old Ace Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw is the new brand ambassador for Samsung West Africa.

Some reliable sources say that she was chosen due to her successful dealings with Glo and Nigeria's got talent.

No official announcement has been made but papers have been signed. Official announcement to be made soon!

Ehizojie “EHIZ” Okoeguale is The Winner of MTV Base VJ Search Nigeria.

Ehiz Ehizojie “EHIZ” Okoeguale is The Winner of MTV Base VJ Search Nigeria.
  Congrats to 25 year old Lead City University graduate Ehizojie “EHIZ” Okoeguale! Ehiz was announced as the winner of the MTV Base VJ Search Nigeria 2013.

Ehizojie “EHIZ” Okoeguale was a popular favorite leading up to the finale which took place on the 25th of January 2013 at One-Eleven Night Club in Victoria Island, Lagos.
Just a few days before his victory, BN caught up with Ehizojie “EHIZ” Okoeguale and he told them “If I make it, MTV Base will be the most watched TV (station) in Africa.
MTV Judges 600x600 Ehizojie “EHIZ” Okoeguale is The Winner of MTV Base VJ Search Nigeria.
Judges – Funke Akindele-Oloyede, Tim Harwood, Toolz & Banky W

The finalists Ada, Ehizojie “EHIZ” Okoeguale and Kemi were hand-picked by judges Banky W, Toolz, Funke Akindele and Tim Horwood after competing against thousands of applicants in the MTV Base VJ Search – Nigeria auditions in December.
Ehizojie “EHIZ” Okoeguale will join Sizwe Dhlomo and Nomuzi Mabena on MTV Base’s in-house talent roster, presenting his own chart show on MTV Base (DStv Channel 322, STV & AIT).
With that he gets 10 Million Naira Contract and a brand new KIA Cerato!


Henry Okah’s Accomplice Gets Life In Jail Over Oct 1st Bombing In Abuja.( Photos)

                     Henry okah 1 Henry Okahs Accomplice Gets Life In Jail Over Oct 1st Bombing In Abuja. Photos

Edmund Ebiware, an accused accomplice of Henry Okah  was today sentenced to life in jail by a Federal High court in Abuja over his involvement in the Oct 1st  2010 Independence Day bomb in Abuja .
 He was convicted and sentenced by Justice Gabriel Kolawole.
Edmund Ebiware was one of the four persons arraigned for Oct 1,2010  bomb attack in Abuja. The judge ruled that Edmund Ebiware might be eligible for parole after serving 32 years of his jail, on the condition that he is of good behavior.
Justice Kolawole cited the section 40(B) of the Criminal Code  Act which provides that “any person who becomes an accessory  to treason or becomes aware of the commission of the treason and did not give evidence to the President,a State Governor or a peace officer ,in order  to prevent  the commission of the crime is liable to treason and sentence to life imprisonment .”
Edmund Ebiware who was enraged after his conviction had a violent encounter with the security operatives at the premises of the court as  he yelled and kicked saying: “my conviction is political after what I have done for this country is this how they will pay me back”.
His relatives briefly hugged him and then wailed as he was driven away to prison.

Henry Okah 5 Henry Okahs Accomplice Gets Life In Jail Over Oct 1st Bombing In Abuja. Photos

Henry okah 3 Henry Okahs Accomplice Gets Life In Jail Over Oct 1st Bombing In Abuja. Photos

Henry Okah 6 Henry Okahs Accomplice Gets Life In Jail Over Oct 1st Bombing In Abuja. Photos

Man Urinates in Pot Of Soup after Woman Refused him Food On Credit

One of the traders in Gatankowa market, oke-odo, Lagos, Taofeeq Shobulo, is to serve six months prison terms, for allegedly urinating in a pot of soup and provoking breach of peace on the 17th of January.
The 38-year-old convict, who pleaded guilty to the charges, was sentenced on Tuesday by an Ojokoro Senior Magistrates’ Court.
His prosecutor, Lugard Ahonle told the court that “Shobulo had asked the food vendor, Olayiwola Olayemisi, to sell food to him on credit which she refused because, according to her, the accused was fond of eating without paying.
“The accused later came back while the food vendor was not paying attention and urinated into her pot of soup,’’ he said.
The prosecutor noted that the offence contravened Sections 136 and 411 of the Criminal Code Laws of Lagos State.
Presiding over the case, the Magistrate K. O. Ogundare sentenced the trader to six moths imprisonment saying “having found you Taofeeq Shobulo, guilty, you are hereby sentenced to six-months imprisonment which will be served concurrently.”

Keshi: I Am Satisfied With Eagles Result Against Zambia

                       stephen keshi briefing after zambia match 500x281 Keshi: I Am Satisfied With Eagles Result Against Zambia
Super Eagles are struggling to make it to the next round of the 2013 AFCON games. Super Eagle Coach, Stephen Keshi, said despite playing a draw with the Chipolopolo of Zambia, Super Eagles team gave a good account of themselves.
Stephen Keshi, who describe the team’s performance during the tension-soaked match as satisfactory, said the Zambians deserved a lot of respect as the African Champions in the competition.
“My goal was to get a three points. But, I’m happy with the score line. The Zambians are a team that I respect a lot. I’m satisfied with the outcome of the match,” the Super Eagles coach, Stephen Keshi said. The coach, however, said that the Super Eagles games have witnessed terrible officiating, with about five yellow cards already issued to members of the team in the two games they have played so far, including the match against Burkina Faso.
Expressing doubts about the penalty awarded to the Zambian team, Stephen Keshi said it was inappropriate, pointing out that since the referee is the boss on the field, the team has to move ahead. As regards Mikel Obi’s missed penalty, Stephen Keshi said no one is immune to missing penalty kicks, recalling that the same players had scored in similar occasions in the past.
“The last time we played in calabar, Mikel scored it. You don’t have a specialist in penalty kicks. Its either you lose or you score. It’s gone. All we need to do is to prepare ourselves for Ethiopia,” the coach said. Super Eagles goalie, Vincent Enyeama, also said that the game was marred by poor officiating, pointing out that the penalty awarded the Zambians was a “weak call”.
“The penalty wasn’t fair. The officiating was poor and its one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen in my life. We were given a red card at the last match. It’s not fair. I don’t know what’s going on, and we say we want to improve African football”, Enyeama lamented.
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